Monday, November 06, 2006

Dr. B and the Women

Guestbians Ahoy! Say hello to new The L Word cast members Marlee Matlin and Cybill Shepherd. The actresses will play new women in Bette Porter’s world. Cybill is Bette’s new boss at the University of California. Marlee is “a fiery artist who catches (Bette’s) attention.” Is it just me or does this shot of the ladies clustered around Jennifer Beals look, well, off. It’s a little too Dynasty meets Photoshop for my taste. Oddly stiff and shiny photo aside, I am still (rather impatiently) counting the days until the January premiere of season four. As uneven and at times crappy as season three was, a new year means a new start. And, let's face it, it's lesbian required viewing. Though, the confused folks over at Showtime seem to think it's contagious, since in their eyes (and new promo) everyone is a lesbian. If only.

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