Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Michelle Rodriguez outed by the Terminatrix

Hollywood's resident tough girl/"roommate" assaulter Michelle Rodriguez got kinda, sorta outed by her apparent girlfriend, Hollywood's second resident tough girl/kisser of Pink on the dance floor Kristanna Loken. The pair reportedly got close on the set of their 2005 vampire-adventure flop BloodRayne. Kristanna came out as bisexual in Curve magazine earlier this year. And now, she tells The Advocate that Michelle is her sexy housekeeper. I won't comment on the whole joking about a Hispanic as your domestic servant thing here. Plus I'm guessing there is more about their relationship in the full story, cause I don't get the "Michelle & Kristanna In Love!" vibe from this excerpt. It's kind of a backdoor way of coming out, but better backwards than not at all. Huzzah, Michelle!


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DrOOl OMG; The movie Bloodrayne was indeed a HUGe disappointment; Who could make a bad movie with those two in it not worthwhile ?! Such a shame. Ontopic: Not a shame, not at all :)°