Monday, November 13, 2006

Desperate Lesbians: Ring the (suspicious) alarm

So, I have to comment on the internet rumors that have been swirling all weekend about Eva Longoria and Beyoncé Knowles rocking each other’s jelly in an American adaptation of “Tipping the Velvet.” Am I the only one whose first response was, "Huh?!?" The report sounds at best extremely suspicious (like some horny guy was paging through Maxim and though, “You know who I’d love to see play lesbians!”) and at worst terribly miscast (Who would be Nan? Who would be Kitty? Who would wear the leather dildo!?!). This would supposedly come from the refined eye of Sofia Coppola (who I’ve carried a torch for since “Lost in Translation”). Sofia’s presence in this scenario is the only one that makes any sense, and only if you cock your head and squint. As a bitter, I mean seasoned, media watcher, I’m taking this with a whole shaker of salt.

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James said...

Leather dildo sounds hott !! Especially with baby oil:)