Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Deliver us from Britney

Bans on gay marriage/domestic partnership passed in seven of eight states yesterday. And, irony of ironies, the second marriage of avowedly-hetero, avowedly-Bush backing superstar/dingbat Britney Spears ended the same day. Thank heavens those seven states saved the sanctity of marriage for someone like her. Cause, you know, us gays would only muck it up. Sigh.

EDITORS NOTE: Lest we burst our own bubble too quickly today, let us still rejoice in yesterday's landmarks:
  • First woman speaker of the house: Nancy Pelosi
  • First Muslim in Congress: Keith Ellison
  • First Democratic Socialist in Congress: Bernie Sanders
  • First Jewish governor of New York: Eliot Spitzer
  • First African-American governor of Massachusetts: Deval Patrick
  • And, according to the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, 67 openly gay candidates were elected to state and local offices (more than ever before).

Plus, ding-dong the witch is dead jigs of joy for Rummy, Rick Santorum, John Hostettler, Katharine Harris and Richard Pombo. Wow, for me? Is it Christmas already?

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