Friday, April 12, 2024

My Weekend Crush

I think I’ll always cheer for Kirsten Dunst. I think this is because a) she has starred in so many movies I’ve enjoyed over the years and 2) we’ve all watched her grow up in those very same movies. Acting since she was 3, a star since she was 12, she appears to be one of those rare childhood actors who wasn’t totally fucked up by the experience. Or, at the very least, has been able to grow into the person she is now. And that person seems sensible. No bullshit. In short, she seems very much to be a grown-ass woman who knows who she is, what she wants and isn’t that what all of us want in the long run?

Would she do another superhero movie? “Yes, because you get paid a lot of money, and I have two children, and I support my mother.” Does she believe in method acting? “What, am I gonna be like that with my kids when I come home? Speaking in an accent? Like, honestly, I can’t do that. It seems like something only men can afford to do.” Does she feel pressure to stay young? “I still know to this day, I’m not gonna screw up my face and look like a freak. You know what I mean? I’d rather get old and do good roles.” And about that Jonathan Glazer Oscars acceptance speech that was greeted with an open letter of rebuke? “My interpretation was he was saying genocide is bad.” Exactly. I also like that she never fixed her teeth, which clearly don’t need fixing.

Even if the projects aren’t necessarily in my wheelhouse (like I don’t know if my election year anxiety will let me sit through “Civil War”), I’m glad that Kirsten is able to work on projects she cares about at this point in her career. And it’s refreshing to watch her be herself, a grown-ass woman who is married with children, through the press tour. Granted, Kiki remains perhaps the most ardently straight-presenting actress of her generation. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. But, lest we forget, the subtext of “Bring It On” practically launched fan shipping as a concept (well, that and Eliza Dushku’s middle finger). And, well, she does look great in this suit. Happy weekend, all.


Carmen San Diego said...

“ method acting? It seems like something only men can afford to do.”
Oh damn, hell yes

Anonymous said...