Thursday, February 02, 2023

Blue is the Gayest Color

I initially clicked on this trailer because the name and image reminded me of “The Legend of Billie Jean,” which came out just a few years before the time this movie was set. I don’t know about you, but Helen Slater’s haircut, look and overall everything in this movie is definitely one of my roots. But instead of being about a tomboy turned outlaw who definitely should have been gay, this is about a school teacher in 1988 England who is instead definitely gay but also definitely closeted. While the LGBTQ+ community continues to fight for full equality, and continues to face very tired talking points (Jesus, the groomer stuff), the general public’s acceptance of queer people’s right to just exist has improved by leaps and bounds in our lifetime. So it’s interesting now that a younger generation perhaps needs a little reminder that, yeah, shit was really terrifying not that long ago. Being in the closet was an act of survival for many, and being out took such strength against so much prevailing hate. And while things have definitely gotten better, we must stay vigilant. With all the anti-trans and don’t say gay bills being written today, past is precedent always. Human history continues to be a painfully slow realization that we should perhaps be less shitty to one another because of whatever inherent differences are deemed culturally unacceptable at the time. If only we could speed up the process and not keep having to be taught the same lessons over and over again.

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Wow, that looks amazing.