Friday, February 03, 2023

My Weekend Crush

When I tell you the strange little noise I made in the back of my throat when I first read this news last week. Like, admittedly, the movies weren’t that great. But we certainly watched them all because ANGELINA JOLIE IN LARA CROFT HOT PANTS AND TANK TOP WITH GUNS STRAPPED TO HER THIGHS, AMEN. (And to a lesser degree Alicia Vikander in her tank top and bow and arrow.) But an entire “Tomb Raider” series created and produced by Phoebe Waller-Bridge? I’m making that sound again, aren’t I? While Phoebe won’t star in the show for Amazon Prime (she clearly got her action-adventure itch scratched by starring with Han Solo in the new Indiana Jones film), you can bet we might finally get good dialogue for Lara. And, you know, maybe something that’s hot and funny. Like, you know, “Fleabag” and “Killing Eve.” A gal can certainly dream. Now the only question (besides whether this show, along with their new LOTR series, can make people remember their Amazon accounts includes a lot of free TV shows), is who should play Lara 3.0? Is this the Essential Lesbian Question of 2023 so far? *rubs hands together* You’d better believe it is. Damn, there I go making that noise again. Happy weekend, all.

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Carmen San Diego said...

Laura croft will always be Angelina for me but this one is a close second and this song is so catchy even though it’s in German