Wednesday, January 25, 2023

The Great Plaza

I can’t think of the last time I liked an entire episode of “Saturday Night Live” from start to finish. But thanks to the delightfully weird energy of host Aubrey Plaza, last weekend was the weekend. I watched the first new SNL of the new year because I’m still a Riley stan, but with admittedly low expectations. But thanks to Aubrey’s hosting and some better writing, I enjoyed the whole thing from first skit to last. And I think that’s because having a more diverse and inclusive cast and writers room matters. The new cast now includes the first non-binary cast member in the show’s history in comic Molly Kearney joined by out LGBTQ+ castmates Bowen Yang and Punkie Johnson. To wit, Aubrey's episode was gay as hell, but not in a way that necessarily makes fun of LGBTQ+ people to punch down. Instead, one of the skits was specifically about how ridiculous homophobia is — particularly the strain of “no homo” bro culture. I mean, yeah, that was something that even a decade ago I don’t think you would have seen on America’s premiere sketch comedy show. This is a show where for decades having two straight actors kiss was a guaranteed laugh line. So, you know, change is good. So here’s a look at the gayest sketches from last weekend’s show. Aubrey, who is out and bi, of course makes them all gay. But that’s besides the point.

Two butch Arizona lesbians skypeople posing as Na’vi in basketball shorts and tanks? Look, if I can invest nearly three hours of my life watching a bunch of straight elongated Smurfs, the rest of the world can enjoy some blue Hundred-Footers from the American Southwest for a change. Amiright?

We all know cis gay boy circuit party culture is the ripest of LGBTQ+ cultures for parody. And we all know gay men really do love unhinged plastic women. Those are just facts, hunty.

And, finally, even the preview for last week’s episode were super gay what with Aubrey and Chloe Fineman making out because, honestly, everyone just wants to watch Aubrey Plaza make out with women. That’s another fact, you lil homos.

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Carmen San Diego said...

She’s great. Aubrey and Chloe Making out was the highlight of the night