Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Cate The Flirt

Cate Blanchett will likely receive her eight Academy Award nomination later this morning. Which is great for us because that means more Cate Blanchett at award shows. Sure, she skipped the Golden Globes. But she appeared to have an absolute blast at the recent Critics Choice Awards flirting with every gorgeous woman there. Think I’m kidding? I certainly am not.

Here’s Cate cozying up to Michelle Yeoh, which, I mean always shoot your shot.

Here’s Cate auditioning to play Jennifer Coolidge’s long-lost younger sister who now together must solve the mystery of their biological mother’s disappearance, but in a funny way.
Here’s Cate realizing Julia Garner is way too young for her to be seen with but doing it anyway because of lingering Therese Belivet feelings.
Here’s Cate shooting her shot with Viola Davis at the Palm Springs International Film Awards because this much flirting can’t be contained to one award show.
Here’s Cate marking Jamie Lee Curtis as her property, I’m assuming.
Here’s Jamie Lee responding entirely appropriately to being in the presence of The Blanchett Bounty. Ahem,
In conclusion, may we all channel this woman in the background and be sure to capture every woman Cate flirts with all award season long.
I, for one, cannot wait for the Oscar-caliber flirting to commence.

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Carmen San Diego said...

I would so watch that Cate-JCool movie