Wednesday, July 01, 2020

Happiest (Movie) Season

You know what, fuck it, we’re taking the first week of July too because we didn’t get to have our parades and we’re worth it. And you definitely deserve to see Kristen “Like So Gay, Dude” Stewart and Mackenzie “San Junipero” Davis with director Clea “But I’m a Cheerleader” DuVall from their holiday themed lesbian holiday lesbian holidy rom-com “Happiest Season.” Because, kittens, it’s like a rainbow explosion of joys, quite literally. It’s almost like Pride Month threw up all over them, but in a good way.

The plot, about how a young woman (K-Stew) who plans to propose to her girlfriend (Davis) at her girlfriend family’s annual Thanksgiving party only to find out she isn’t out to her conservative parents (played by Mary Steenburgen and Victor Garber), is certainly intriguing. And K-Stew is probably the highest-profile out actress to tackle an out queer role. The cast is rounded out (see what I did there?) by Alison Brie (“Community”), Aubrey Plaza (“Parks & Rec”), Dan Levy (“Schitt’s Creek”) and Ana Gasteyer (please, you know who Ana Gasteyer is). As excited as I am for this film, I gotta say that’s a very white principal cast. Though I do think it has some more supporting POC actors.

But, still, any mainstreaming of queer identities and love is always welcome. And, well, who can resist a well-made lesbian rom-com? I mean, we’ve all suffered through enough bad ones. Like, I watched “Bar Girls” and briefly reconsidered my sexual orientation like every other lesbian who had the misfortune of seeing it. Plus we’re lucky this film – which started shooting in January – was able to wrap before the global pandemic and, you know, everything. So we’ll be able to see it in some form or another this November.

Now all that is left is to go find your rainbow stencils, grab a rainbow flag, make a “Love Is Love” sign and let’s do this thing.

p.s. Spoiler Alert: Something about this picture tells me those parents come around in the end. I mean, they practically look like they’ve started their own PLAG chapter.


Helena said...

I actually needs to see this right now , but at least something to look forward to in this strange year. And April from Parks is just one of my favourite characters:)

Carmen San Diego said...

I really hope we get to see this sooner rather than later. And Womder Woman too. Just release it on demand, people!

Anonymous said...

Im uncomfortable seeing that photo - no social distancing. Granted it was probably taken before he pandemic hit but the optic is not good.