Thursday, July 30, 2020

Frankly My Dear, She Does Give a Damn

A lioness of the silver screen passed away this past week. At 104, Olivia de Havilland lived one hell of a life by anyone's standards. And she did it her way, living her the last six decades of her life in Paris and drinking champagne every day. Sure, we know her as the two-time Oscar winner and last living star of "Gone with the Wind." But she was so much more. She took on the Hollywood system during a time when the studios essentially owned their stars. So in 1943 when she sued Warner Bros. after it attempted to extend her seven-year contract, her court victory paved the way for today's stars to free themselves of the system. So, as I was saying, quite a legend and a pioneer who lived life on her terms. And, you know, was known to swear a time or two.


Carmen San Diego said...

A pioneer and trail blazer

Hannah said...

They say cursing is good for your health and she lived to 104 so. Thanks for sharing this!