Friday, July 24, 2020

My Weekend Crush

Boy, do the Republican Men of America have no idea how to to deal with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. A strong, smart, passion, uncowed woman who runs circles around then in intellect, relatability and empathy. So this week when Florida Man and somehow elected GOP Rep. Red Yoho called AOC a “fucking bitch” on the steps of the Capitol steps in front of reporters, he thought he’d scored such an epic burn. And then the poor dumb mysoginistic bastard issued a non-apology apology on the House floor where he said, “I cannot apologize for my passion or for loving my God, my family, or my country.”He also used his wife and daughters as shields, because no man with a wife or daughters has ever demeaned women before. Cleary.

And so this was AOC’s response. Every woman in America and the world knows her words to be true. Every woman in America and the world has experienced misogynistic hate from men. As she says, this is not new and that is the problem. But the more women who stand up both for themselves and other women, and call out men for their actions and others for their inaction, the more we tackle the misogyny that remains very much a part of our culture - from Washington D.C. to across this country and around the damn globe. Happy safe, healthy and righteous weekend, all.


Ken said...

Nothing at all to do with misogyny too many women throw out that card when you simply disagree with their ideas. I think her Green New Deal is horrendous for America. I believe US produced energy strengthens our economy creates jobs and reduces our foreign trade deficit. Im not interested in paying taxes on a 93 trillion dollar proposal to reduce fossil fuels when we have an ocean full of natural gas and shale in America beneath our feet. I remember the energy crisis of the 70s and dont want to return to a dependence on Russia or the Middle East.

James said...

She is merely another vapid corporate puppet masquerading as some bastion of morality and ethics. A complete joke. She isn't qualified. She isn't doing anything useful or constructive and with just a little research you would see what a corporate/ establishment whore she is. Its actually disgusting. And I would call a man the same so spare me the bs. Championing inept sjw's isn't going to solve anything. Who gives a shit what gender she is or ethnicity, what has she actually accomplished? How is she holding the oligarchs accountable? Is she demanding an end to our drone program? The genocide in Israel she supports? The on going Afghanistan war? Etc etc.,.? No fucking substance, sorry, can't stomach this bullshit any longer.

James said...

And the half wit closet homosexual who harassed her is just inept, vile, and disgusting. They all are.

Panty Buns said...

It's sad to see misogynistic derailing comment-trolls like 'Ken' and 'James' desperately trying to change the subject and blame the victims.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a true hero, taking a stand for all women against all too common vitriolic sexist abuse and attacks. Kudos to AOC for her backbone, her courage, and her composure. Enough Is Enough.
THANK YOU Dorothy, for embedding this awesome video in your post!!!!!! xx <3

James said...

No, what's sad 'panty buns' is that you have not one clue as to her incompetence and allegiance to the corporate military industrial complex.
Sure, good for her for calling out that jack ass who yelled at her. But there is a much much bigger picture here but you mindless zombies have been trained to only see the world through identity politics and you are, ironically, ushering in what you pretend to hate.
Thanks! Great looking out!
My god do some research.

Ken said...

@Panty Buns: My comment was based on policy. Socialists like AOC and Bernie Sanders hate the millionaires and billionaires .. until they give her their money. Her campaign headquarters was a subway ride away, yet public records showed she spent almost $30,000 on car services. Green Deal be dammed when it benefits herself. I fully agree sexist slurs deserve to be called out and Im glad she did that. Vote guys like him out of office. Ive never seen socialist agendas work in America. The country was built on capitalism and will continue to flourish under capitalism. She needs to move to the center if is she wants to be taken seriously by voters.

Anonymous said...

So glad she took a stand and was able to describe so well what women have to face on a regular basis.