Monday, September 29, 2014

Megan + Graham 4EVA

My heart, my But I’m a Cheerleader heart. Natasha Lyonne and Clea DuVall continue to make me believe Megan and Graham made it. After all these years, it’s fun to dream those two crazy kids are still together and making super cheesy cheers together. But what we do know is Nataha and Clea made it as friend all these years. Late last week, Natasha posted a series of tweets on Clea’s birthday. She has been posting for the last couple weeks about filming “Fresno” with Judy Greer and But I’m a Cheerleader director Jamie Babbit. And then Clea showed up to hang out or possibly be part of the production. Fingers crossed for the latter. Also, they were shooting in a sex shop. Yet still managed to look adorable. Like here. And here. And here. And again here. Yeah, admit it. Your heart skipped a little beat. Siiiiiigh. Go on without me. I’ll just be rewatching But I’m a Cheerleader for the millionth time, +1.


Helena said...

Wow , the pictures sort of makes me feel that my dreams did come true :)

Carmen SanDiego said...

Oh they are the cutest
And now I will be picturing them hanging out with Ellen Page

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