Thursday, July 23, 2020

Gender Fuck Thursday: Cher Side Story

Earlier this month a tweet about a long-ago TV special where Cher played every role in “West Side Story” went viral. And I thought, sure, how crazy can it really be? Oh, kittens. So, so crazy. The world is a lot right now, too much really. So please spend 12 minutes and change of your time watching, in slack-jawed wonder, the spectacle of Cher – the one and only Cher – singing basically all the songs in “West Side Story” while playing basically all the character, all at once. And there’s nothing basic about that. Drag King Cher in particular is a sight to behold, all four of them. So, please turn your brain off and enjoy the next dozen minutes for the truly ridiculous gender fuck and mind fuck that is Cher playing all of “West Side Story.” Plus, it’s Cher. Even when it’s crazy, it’s amazing.


Helena said...

You really know how to brighten up a Thursday morning. Thank you and have a good day.

Carmen San Diego said...

OMG DS what a discovery
Thank you
This was fantastic
Only way it could have been better was if Cher also played Officer Krupke

Unknown said...

Great way to start my day. Thx again Dorothy!

fridax said...

OMG, Cher! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

YASSSSSSSS Thank you DS!!!!