Friday, July 17, 2020

My Weekend Crush

This week kind of sucked. Life has been throwing a lot of spinning plates at us here at Snarker Central. But, it’s also a week where the first The Chicks music in 14 years dropped. So, I guess it wasn’t all bad. May next week be better, kinder, safer, smarter. Enjoy some well-earned rest. Dance in your kitchen. Hug your wife, girlfriend, spouse, partner, good doggo, sweet kitty and/or who or whatever is helping you get through this endless pandemic and, you know, everything else. Or just finally get some much-needed sleep. Whatever it takes. But, be warned, whatever you do don’t fuck with The Chicks. Cause they’ll write a damn catchy damning song about you. And, well, we’ll enjoy it but you might not. Happy safe, healthy and righteous weekend, all.


Helena said...

The Chicks is a good start to the weekend. Wishing you and the family a good weekend with no spinning plates.

Carmen San Diego said...

Hoping that things improve for you and your family, DS
Wishing you a positive weekend