Thursday, May 10, 2018

Lesbian Heart Eyes Forever

Move over, Therese. There’s a new lesbian in town. And she is making major heart eyes at your Carol Aird. This week Cate Blanchett and Kristen Stewart sent queer girl hearts aflutter around the globe by appearing together as members of the jury at the Cannes film festival. But how did we get here, to the point where millions of fan-fics have already been written about the two, glamorous, suit-wearing movie stars who met cute in the south of France? Well, allow me to give you an oral (ahem) history of the lesbian heart eyes picture heard around the world.

First, they meet. Kristen is playing it cool, or at least trying to.

Then, the light hits them both just right and a keen awareness of each other’s closeness dawns.

They put on sunglasses to keep their interest in check from all the prying eyes.

But, oh no, it’s not working. Shades cannot contain this radiating attraction.

So they stop fighting it.

Later that night, Cate has already given Kristen a secret pet name.

Each time Cate uses, Kristen swoons immediately.

And then they can’t help themselves again.

So that, that’s how the Cate swallowed the KStew-nary.


AK ALASKA said...

Great storyboard! Green light this production! "Carol in Canne" "Tangled Holiday" "Kiss, Kiss, Kiss" or.......

Anonymous said...

I'd watch it...over and over!

Carmen SanDiego said...

This was great! I’d buy this “comic”
Also, my grandpa used to wear his pants up to his nipples like KStew

Heidi said...

Precious! Thank you Dorothy. I have been kind of waiting for this since I saw the first picture appear in Twitter.. Your work is very much appreciated!