Thursday, August 18, 2016

SGALGG: Olympics Edition

I’m sorry, did you want me to post about something other than the Olympics during these scant two weeks that only happens once every four years? Sorry, too bad. That’s clearly not happening. You also probably should have guessed that a SGALGG Olympics Edition was coming. Because of the record number of out athletes (both national and lots and lots of international), I will temporarily rename this Sporty Gals Acting Like Gay Gals instead of “Straight.” Indeed it seems SGALGG is epidemic across seemingly all sports. So please enjoy all these hugs – with and without their legs – in “friendship.” All I do is present the evidence. You decide.

p.s. And yes, that’s Team Sweden celebration after beating the U.S. women. I’m still not over it. But, sniffle, congrats Sweden.


Gold medal winner Maialen Chourraut of Spain and bronze medal winner Jessica Fox of Australia congratulate each other/begin a make-out session.


Apparently, make-out sessions in boats is an Olympic thing.

Beach Volleyball

Yes, I know I complained about their skimpy outfits. But I never said we couldn’t appreciate them.


Already, it is my new favorite Olympic women’s sport. And they also appear to be pretty good at square dancing.


Oh, to be the ham in that long, tall sandwich.


Multi-level hugs are where it’s at.

Field Hockey

Not to be outdone, field hockey has group hugs…

…and clothes-line hugs…

…and, my personal favorite, butt hugs.


Rowers prefer slow dancing.


More like handsy ball, amirite?


Come on, ladies. Kiss and make up.

Pairs Rowing

See, that’s how it’s done.


You guys, YOU GUYS. You probably already know all about the great sportswoman moment between US runner Abbey D’Agostino and New Zealand runner Nikki Hamblin that happened in the 5,000-meter heat the other day. The Olympic spirit is indeed alive and very well in these two. But did you know that, in my mind, this is the beginning to the greatest meet-cute story every told? In my version their inevitable love story gets turned into an adorable rom-com and we all see it in the theaters 20 times and then buy the movie so we can rewatch whenever we are feeling a little blue while saying every line along as it plays to swoon one more time. Yeah, it’s like that. But, really – after seeing these photos – can you blame me?


Helena said...

I will totally miss your insight and analysis of the Olympics:) Thanks for the wonderful photos.

Carmen SanDiego said...

Best SGALGG ever!

Anonymous said...

Olymipic rom com. Meet cute at olympics. Runner 2 helps injured one get back to olympic shape. They fall in love and happy ending come back to the olympics and both win.

Aretha Jones said...

re: Soccer losers… Hope Solo is the reason people love to see the USA get beaten.

Anonymous said...

Awesome blog Dorothy, well done..!!

Unknown said...

Ha! Glad it wasn't just me.