Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Rugby Nation

Yo, gay ladies, we need to talk. Like, do I have to call an emergency meeting to discuss why no one told me about women’s rugby? How could I not have known about this before? I feel so betrayed. You know this is my kind of thing. I mean, just look at it – hello. Running. Throwing. Tackling. Thighs. For. Days.

This year marked the debut of women’s rugby in the Olympics. I mainlined all the matches I could yesterday. It’s fast-paced, super physical and incredibly entertaining to watch. And we know there are already out players on Team U.S.A. So, naturally, now all I want is more. Look, I know they’ve handed out all of the medals, but couldn’t they just keep playing for us? Pretty please?

Sigh. Well, at least we still have women’s soccer to watch. And you’d better believe in four years I’ll be ready and waiting for all the insane hotness and badassery that is women’s rugby.

How hot and how badass, you ask? Let me count the ways.

All the “hugs.”

The full-contact “hugs.”

The “hugging” of legs in friendship.

And real hugs.

And real hugging with legs in friendship.

Also the uplifting plays.

Really, really uplifting plays.

And, last, but not least, the butt conventions.

p.s. Did you know Olympics volunteer Marjorie Enya proposed to her girlfriend, Brazilian team rugby player Isadora Cerullo, after the final matches yesterday and everyone went nuts with joy about it? Well, now you do. (See a full set of all the adorable photos from their marriage proposal over on my Tumblr here.)


Helena said...

I'm so glad you discovered the joy of rugby! It is very popular here in South Africa , although when I was young it was only for the men. But my Dad and three brothers told me all about it and I played with them as they needed an extra player :). At the Olympics they only have sevens ,maybe during the year you can see matches of 15 a-side rugby - and the Aussies and All Blacks are brilliant at rugby. Enjoy the rest of the Olympics and I see team USA is doing a great job of bringing medals home.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, your Olympics experience sounds just like mine! I'm right now re-watching the rugby final, while googling the players.

Eva said...

Glad you discovered somen's rugby. Remember to also watch women's handball, lots of physical action there too, and everything moves way faster than football (soccer).

Emma said...

I still remember my first teaching job. There were three lesbians. And we had all played rugby in college. So I thought all lesbians discovered rugby in college (if they went to college). It is the gayest sport ever--both with all the "hugs" and all of the actual lesbians playing. So many lesbians. (And a few Lesbians Until Graduation.)

Depending on where you live, there may be an adult women's rugby league nearby. And they probably have no more than some friends, family members, and former teammates watching their games.

Yes, I was a hooker said...

Playing college rugby was my education in all things gay lady! And pro tip: once you've met someone on your local women's rugby club, you're connected to a gigantic network of friendly, badass lesbians and their whole repertoire of drinking songs.

Trihardist said...

Agree with everyone. If you decide to try rugby, Ms. Snarker, please take and share pictures. Also, rugby sevens doesn't end with the Olympics! You can enjoy the bugs and leg hugs and all the rest throughout every year! There are World Cup tournaments spaced throughout, including a big one in Vegas every February.

Anonymous said...

Rugby is definitely the third gayest women's sport out there. I think hockey and softball are a bit more gay. I'm from Canada and have been playing Rugby for well over a decade! It is not uncommon for about a third of the team to be lesbians. Also I always say that Rugby saved my life. It gave me the support and confidence I needed to be openly gay. Half of my wedding was Rugby players!

Carmen SanDiego said...

I went to the first day of Women's Rugby competition and it was a lot of fun
Glad to see all the rugby love here

Unknown said...

This is late to the party, but check us out sometime!


Here too: https://www.facebook.com/Santa-Monica-Womens-Rugby-Club-6311153219/