Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Kat-e Lady

You guys, YOU GUYS. As if you needed any more evidence that Kate McKinnon is The Internet’s newest Lesbothrob, here it is. She loves talking about her cat. Like she really, really loves it. And that makes me love her even more. Also, holy shit, a 17 pound cat? Damn girl. That is some serious pussy.

p.s. In case you forgot, Kate showed her Cat Lady bonafides in this SNL skit, too, a couple of years ago. And Charlize proved her "Monster" persona wasn't a fluke.


Carmen SanDiego said...

I thought I couldn't love her more than I already do. I was wrong.
And I'm saying that as a crazy dog lady

Anonymous said...

No dear, Kate Jenkinson who plays Allie Novak on SoHo's Wentworth is the internet newest lesbian heartthrob.

Emily said...

It has been fantastic to watch Kate receive the bevy of kudos for her performance in Ghostbusters. I have noticed that her sexuality hasn't been mentioned in most (if not all) of the interviews and articles about her this summer. Is this a sign that we're making progress or that her sexuality has to be downplayed so she can be more palatable to a wider audience?

Anonymous said...

My cat weights 22 pounds. Yep 22 pounds of loveable pussy. Only he's a boy but; I still love him.