Monday, August 01, 2016

Hottie in the Machine

You guys, I really miss watching Zoie Palmer on “Lost Girl.” Like I really, really miss it. But I haven’t had a chance to get into “Dark Matter.” But then someone showed me this clip and now I feel like I’ve made a terrible mistake. Is she this great all the time on this show? I mean, The Android is no Dr. Hotpants. But then, there will never be another Dr. Hotpants. And that neck tattoo thingie? Yeah. Hello, Hot Robot.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, robot is COOL. But in the last episode (2 season)- aaaarghhh!!! Robot gets HOT:)

Anonymous said...

What Anonymous said. Leather jacket, kicks ass. This version of the Android needs to stay!

Danielle Devos said...

Yeah, Dark Matter is really SciFi at it's finest, and the Android (Zoe Palmer) plays a big part in it. And it's really cool! And it's from the creators of Stargate, so it's pretty geek-y but awesome!