Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Jonesing for Our Better Angels

Because the world, as a whole, is generally awful (I mean, the Republican party just officially nominated Donald Trump last night, for fuck’s sake), it is now incumbent upon us to rally behind another person who doesn’t deserve its bullshit. Earlier this week SNL cast member, comic, actress and Ghostbuster Leslie Jones was driven off Twitter by a bunch of racist, misogynistic men. Click over to her timeline and you’ll find her retweeting a seemingly endless litany of disgusting, vile human garbage. When you juxtapose those hateful tweets directed at her with her own sincere, heartfelt tweets pleading for help and humanity – well, remember how I said the world is pretty awful?

The good news is, for all the copious awfulness out there (Jesus fucking Christ people, vote in November so we don’t have to see that sentient Cheeto’s face everywhere after November) it is just as important to remember that there are also good people out there. Like you folks. Like everyone who is appalled and horrified by the prospect of a President Trump. Like everyone protesting injustice – in all its forms. Like everyone fighting to make the world more inclusive, more welcoming and less small-minded. And, well, there are also Corgi puppies. Corgi puppies are pretty great.

And you know who else is pretty great? Leslie Jones. While Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig may be the marquee names in “Ghostbuster,” Leslie and Kate (or, as lesbians like to call her, Call Me Kate) absolutely stole the show. And it is great how so many in Hollywood, and elsewhere, are rallying around her. And it is also encouraging that Twitter has taken action to ban one of the platform’s most prolific and powerful trolls.

So now in solidarity with Leslie, all of the “Ghostbusters” ladies and all women or people of color who has been harassed simply for being who they are, here are some pictures that are probably those sniveling little racist and sexist trolls’ worst nightmare. A strong, talented black woman and a strong, talented gay women loving on each other in public because this is America and – at least for now – we are free to be exactly who we are. Suck it, trolls. This is my America and it’s beautiful.

p.s. Aren’t these like the best prom photos you’ve ever seen? Yeah, I am totally buying another ticket to see Ghostbusters.


no-one said...

I shouldn't be surprised anymore that people somehow thinks it's okay to say such horrible things, not only about another person, but directly to them. Those people are arseholes. Leslie is beautiful and talented, and so great in Ghostbusters.

egghead said...

I love Leslie so much. I'll give her a follow if I already don't already. Screw the assholes.

Carmen SanDiego said...

Men ruin everything

reddragonready said...

Indeed..let's focus on puppies because humanity on a whole sucks.
All that because they didn't like a movie? WTF?????

But focusing on the good rather than the vile...I have a question ms Parker...Do you know whatever happened to Scrrribegirl?
I seem to remember her leaving AE for a payed writing job? Have you stayed in touch ? Would you know if and where I can read her work? I realised, I miss her humor and style. (the writing on AE has , I think, deteriorated badly the last few years. You being the only one of the original great staff left, I am hoping you'd have some info?