Tuesday, July 26, 2016

I'm With Her (and Her)

Finally, we are ready. Finally, we have the champion we can unite behind to fight the forces of darkness. Finally, we have the shero we’ve been waiting for. But enough about Hillary. Man, I wasn’t sure about the Wonder Woman movie because of that grimdark spectacle that was “Batman v. Superman.” But then they tapped Patty Jenkins, the writer-director behind “Monster,” to direct. And they added Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright and Gail Gadot as the woman herself. Now, yep, I’m with her. Wonder Woman was always a favorite of mine anyway. If you didn’t do the Wonder Woman spin in your bedroom as a kid you’re either too young to know who Lynda Carter is or lying. I have now watched the trailer three times and each time I love it more. So as long as the movie keeps her ass-kicking ways and throws in a strong dose of feminism, she has my vote.


Anonymous said...

Holy Crap! Wow, I think Hollywood did it right for once!
The details are great and the balance - feminine power.
I look forward to seeing WW!
~ SG

Arwyn said...

Not looking forward to the dumb heteromance with Chris Pine they're going to force us to suffer through, though.