Monday, July 18, 2016

Hotlzmann is Hot, Pass it On

If you aren’t in love with Holtzmann, Kate McKinnon and life in general after seeing “Ghostbusters,” you’re probably doing it wrong. The movie – which was funny and fun and feminist and for heaven’s sake go see it immediately – has a true breakout star in McKinnon. Which, for gay ladies around the world, is fantastic news. Years from now, young queer girls will look back at Holtzmann licking her proton gun and say, “Yep, that’s my root.” If you hadn’t already, for sure after seeing “Ghostbusters” you’ve officially anointed Kate among the ranks of our greatest and hottest lesbothrobs.

But, you know, don’t take my word for it alone. Everyone seems to have fallen in love with Kate/Holtzmann/life after seeing the movie. Like here. And here. And so very here. Her performance is so wonderfully weird, so magnetically magnificent. Of course, us gay ladies were onto Kate ages ago. Remember “The Big Gay Sketch Show?” Remember how thrilled we were when she was tapped for “Saturday Night Live?” Of course you do.

Sadly, director Paul Feig has had to be coy about Holtzmann’s sexuality in the movie because of studio pressure. But we all know because, puh-lease – anyone who wears that many overalls, leather jackets and vests is capital G Gay. So while we’re forced to read the subtext on screen, the maintext of Kate’s place in the movie speaks volumes. I cannot emphasize enough how amazing/important/meaningful it is to have Kate McKinnon as one of the leads of a high-profile international film franchise like this.

Kate has been out since the beginning of her career. So in her we have an unabashed champion of LGBT representation. But not only that in her we have definitive proof that being LGBT in Hollywood does not have to be a career impediment to overcome or hidden truth to finally come to terms with. You can be awesome and out, just like Kate, and be the star of a major motion picture. You can be awesome and out, just like Kate, and consistently steal the show on SNL. You can be awesome and out, just like Kate, and have the world fall in love with you.

Babymen can continue to whine about how four female Ghostbusters are ruining their childhood all they want. For queer and questioning girls all over the world, Kate and Holtzmann will no doubt become a touchstone. And, for the rest of us gay ladies, she is a reminder that we can do anything we want. Bust ghosts, bury misogyny, steal movies, steal hearts.

p.s. I now firmly believe that one of the rooms in lesbian heaven is just that slow-mo sequence of Holtzmann busting out her proton guns and battling an army of ghosts playing on an endless loop. And another room is just hammocks made out of her dimples.


Carmen SanDiego said...

I did my civic duty and went to see it on Saturday and I like it way more than I was expecting. Not just Holtzmann but the friendship between Erin and Abby too. And Patty was just hilarious.
Best movie of the summer!

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I saw it last night with my Australian son Kevin.
We both liked it, although I've never been a real big Ghostbusters fan, to tell the truth.

no-one said...

This Ghostbusters movie is so important to me, and while I loved all the characters, Holtzmann is extra special to me.
Not just because she's my new fictional girlfriend, but because the original Ghostbusters came out when I was a kid, and loved it and I wanted to be one. And I heard, a lot, you can't be a Ghostbuster, you're a girl. And Ghostbusters, Back to the Future and even Chitty Chitty Bang Bang had me wanting to be an inventor who made crazy awesome things.

Add all that to me being an awkward, introverted little nerdling, who desperately wanted to like who I was and not care that even my own family thought I was weird...well, watching Ghostbusters on Friday, I kept thinking Holtzmann is exactly who I wanted to be as an eight year old, and I wish she'd been around for me then.

Alexis Goh said...

Just saw it here in Taipei.. TOTALLY LOVE IT!!
And Kate McKinnon is so great & cool as Holtzmann.. so much for "girls can't built stuff" stereotyping.. I was so excited when she was describing all her cool gadgets!! I just love smart ladies.. :)

Anonymous said...

Hammocks made from dimples...I do believe I found a new religion Oh Great Snarker.