Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Get Your Bake On

So after last week’s heavy national news week, and some unexpectedly heavy personal news of my own (it’s OK, I’m fine, just costly, disruptive and frustrating), I was looking for some diversion over the weekend. Since I’d long-since depleted the singular season of “The Great British Bake-Off” on Netflix, I went looking for more flour-infused happiness elsewhere. (For the love of Mary Berry, add some more seasons immediately.) Luckily, thanks to the wonders of YouTube, I was able to soothe away this past week’s worries with earlier seasons of the show. There is just something so lovely about watching all these nice, normal and wonderfully British people bake stuff. Unlike American cooking competitions, there’s so much less nastiness and narcissism. Also, considerably less artificial food coloring. It’s all just so damn nice. The world could use more of that. On your mark, get set, bake!

p.s. Also we could use a lot more of Sue Perkins and her very lesbian blazers.


Waffles said...

I've been watching it too! It's very soothing and positive, and the annoying "characters" would likely be the least annoying ones on american reality tv! I 100% support the release of more seasons - PBS is running one of them now (the one with Flora in it) -so that makes me optimistic.

Anonymous said...

Great Way To Address Several TRAGEDIES [NOT] I have to hand it to you, NEVER FAIL To DIAPPOINT.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for using the British title as "The Great British baking show' just sounded this Brit anyway hehe!

Anonymous said...

After watching several seasons I think I might look ok with a brightly colored sweater and a dark blazer. If only I had the guts to find out.

Carmen SanDiego said...

Hope you're better, hugs from over here

Helena said...

Totally agree , this is once again a marvellous British show and luckily we get all of it here in South Africa. Hope things are good again for you.

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