Monday, January 11, 2016

Golden Zeroes

So “Carol” got shut out of the Golden Globes yesterday, losing in all five categories for which it was nominated. It lost Best Picture to Leo and The Bear. It lost Best Director to the guy who directed Leo and The Bear. It lost best actress to Brie Larson, who I am happy for – but still. It lost Best Score to Quentin Tarantino’s rambling speech where he used the term “ghetto” to describe movie composing. All in all the night was a big goose egg punctuated by some typically cringey Ricky Gervais moments. (Still, while many of their wins were surprising/puzzling, I’m generally quite pleased when any kind of success befalls Kate Winslet, Maura Tierney, J-Law, Taraji and Lady Gaga because I like them.)

But, back to my seething displeasure about “Carol” and the lack of recognition for its marvelousness last night. Granted, the Golden Globes are chosen by the incredibly sketchy Hollywood Foreign Press Association and fairly laughable when it comes to respectability. (Let’s be honest, everyone watches because they serve the stars free champagne.) But it’s still nice to win, you know.

This is especially true because women and projects centered on women only won in categories where women absolutely had to win i.e. the Best Actress contests. Female artists and projects with female leads did not win in the directing, score, song, motion picture (both drama and comedy/musical) or TV series (both drama and comedy/musical) categories. Against that inauspicious track record “Carol,” a film about two women who fall in love, is even more of an outlier.

Look, I could be all cerebral about this. I could intellectualize and analyze it. But mostly what I want to say is a series of expletives that would be promptly bleeped by network censors. So please allow me to express my feelings on the matter in a series of gifs.

But, don’t worry, there are always the Oscar nominations coming out later this week. It has to do better then, right?

Oh Cate, oh Rooney – you’ll always be winners in my heart.


Anonymous said...

I was / am pissed as hell.

Anonymous said...

I'm still happy about the NYFCC wins for Carol (FOUR!), so the GGs? Whatever, because as you say, they're actually a joke, during which we might get to giggle at La Meryl being tipsy again.

But if there isn't a *serious* list of Oscars noms for Carol, I will be more not-amused than usual. Seeing as I'm usually permanently not-amused, the Academy had better take this as a warning.

Anonymous said...

Gotta say, this blog panders to some readers who don't even like to be called "lesbian" so they shouldn't complain about the movie Carol being shut out of recdeiving any award now should they?

Yes i mad as hell over the shut out and even madder at women who prefer to call themselves anything BUT LESBIAN when that is what we are!

This was a real wake up call for the younger generations who have had the privilege of having an Academy Award WINNING actress and an Academy Award nominated actress take on these roles. That probably never going to happen again (Or at least not anytime soon).

*** GayGirl *** said...

Thank you for giving words (and glorious gifs) to my frustrations with this years Golden Globes.

"Carol" was absolutely robbed - though yes, I am also pleased with most of the actress winners since I really like those who did win. Which only adds to my frustrations.

Anyway, I do believe the Oscars will give "Carol" a much better result, so the movie WILL have its day!

Anonymous said...

I actually thought the awards were perhaps intentionally avoiding LBQT nominees. Losers included everyone on OITNB, Jeffrey Tambor/Trans, Danish Girl, Carol.....seriously not one win. It actually felt like conservatives got a voting block together.

Anonymous said...

Gotta say, this blog panders to some readers who don't even like to be called "lesbian"

Eh? Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

I don't particularly like being called a lesbian, but call me a dyke and I'm just fine, thanks. Oh, and this old lady I know *hates* being called gay or lesbian, but she likes 'Sapphist' (yes, really. As in 'really old lady').

Anyhow, representation has got ZERO to do with labels, and everything to do with being yourself. To each her own. Peace.

Anonymous said...

I'm pissed as well. Thats why I went to see Carol today. Again. And I will see it this weekend. Again. And I'm gonna see it next week. Again. Can' t believe it, what boys club that was.

Anonymous said...

Nine BAFTA nominations

Carmen SanDiego said...

Well, Sly Stallone won for best supporting actor in the seventh installment of the Rocky series.

Helena said...

While watching I could not wait to see your comments Ms Snarker and your words and the gifs totally express my feelings. Thank you for venting on my behalf :)

Alex said...

I was dumbstruck. How could either Cate or Rooney not win best actress? Yes, I am being very subjective here. Here I thought our biggest competitions were Spotlight and Mad Max for best picture, and out comes the grizzly bear to steal the award. Sigh. On a side note, I've seen The Revenant and I thought it was funny when the bear made a chew toy out of Leo. Sigh.

It was hard for me to see Cate or Rooney empty-handed. It was even harder for me that Todd Haynes lost. Without his vision and direction, the film wouldn't have its gloriousness and beauty. Now I'm waiting for the Oscar nominations and I can't help but feel anxious about it. I'm actually dreading the awards night. I just don't want another shutout to happen again. Please movie gods, let it be.