Wednesday, September 09, 2015


The closer we get to these two films coming out, the more excited I get. Two films, in one year. Two. Films. I know, when you look at the big picture it might seem silly to feel like two films is a bounty. But for us when it comes to mainstream lesbian representation in films, it truly is. What makes it all that much more exciting is both these two films seem like they could be so, so very good. It’s true, two films isn’t the world. But, you know what, two films sure feels pretty damn good.

p.s. Dear God, these new full-length Carol trailers are making me physically ache.

U.S. Trailer

International Trailer


Carmen SanDiego said...

I am so excited! Really looking forward to it. Carol loooks soooo good
Please don't dissappoint me, movie gods

Helena said...

I'm also so excited for both these films , unfortunately will have to wait till next year for release in my country. So keep me posted DS :)

Aretha Jones said...

Yes, yes, yes.

Also looking forward to seeing Grandma (

Panty Buns said...

I can't wait to see them both! I think I've probably already watched every lsbian film NetFlix has and am eager to find and watch more. Both Freeheld and Carol look luscious and hopefully fulfilling.

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Waffles said...

Cannot wait for Carol!!!!!

Kate said...

I watched the Carol trailer this morning and I'm still flailing. (Also my inner 11-13 year old confused babygay LotR dork self is INCREDIBLY invested in anything involving Cate Blanchette + lesbian sex scene. I'm just saying.)

Alex said...

Slow deep sigh. I am swooning. Dear Academy voters, please give Carol an early Oscar for best trailer- truly exquisite. And finally! a peek at the much-anticipated love scene. They both look so damn good, especially their skin! Shallowness aside, I've said this before, this is indeed a remarkable year for us gay women to be gifted with two very special lesbian love stories. Thank you, movie gods.