Monday, September 28, 2015

Taking the Sweet Lady Kisses to the Streets

So I’ve already sampled a few of this fall’s new shows already (“Blindspot,” “Minority Report,” “Rosewood”) and while I can’t say anything has been abjectly terrible, I was also not too terribly impressed. Sure, I still have high hopes for “Supergirl.” And, yes, I am watching “Scream Queens” despite all of my continuing Post-Traumatic Glee Disorder. But the one show right now I’m most excited for, hand down, is “Jessica Jones.” The new Netflix series based on the Marvel comic of the same name features Krysten Ritter in the title role. She plays a former superghero who now runs her own detective agency in New York City. It has been billed as kind of a companion piece to the streaming service’s series “Daredevil,” a gritty crime series – but this time with a female lead. What makes it even better is Carrie Anne Moss (yes, Trinity) plays Harper, an ally of Jessica’s who also happens to kiss ladies in the street. Let me repeat that, Carrie Anne Moss kisses ladies in the street on this show. I know, SOLD! The series drops Nov. 20 on Netflix. So, make plans and arrange your binge-watching snacks accordingly.

p.s. For more on all of the fall TV shows with new lesbian and bisexual female characters, check out my column in Women & Hollywood today tomorrow.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Say no more, I am so sold

Tristen said...

I love superhero shows but Daredevil sucked. I hope this show makes the grade. Also hoping Harper is a big part of the show. I'm tired of marginal gay characters on superhero shows.

joie said...

omg omg omg

is all i can say to that! was stoked when all i knew was ritter and now i'm uhhh damn excited oooohhhh Carrie (siiiiiiiigh)

[good to know i can still fangirl] thank you for this monday boost, DS:)

Geneviève said...

FYI Another sweet kiss at the end of this Special K ad: