Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Needs More Scully

Look, I think we can all agree this has too much Mulder and not enough Scully. But, darn, if that “X-Files” music doesn’t hit you squarely in the sweet nostalgia box. And it is rather clever to tie in paranoia of being in a state of high-tech government surveillance (drones, drones, drones) into the revival. Still, I don’t know about you, but while I enjoyed the conspiracy, over the course of the series it became so convoluted that I longed for the Monster of the Week episodes. Plus it is hard to argue there was a creepier episode in the entire series than “Home.” *Shudder* *Shudder some more*

Sp, do you have high hopes for this? I won’t lie, even if I didn’t I would watch just to see Gillian Anderson’s glorious face. Speaking of which, when is “The Fall” coming back?


jennifer from pittsburgh said...

I'm such a GA fan that I watched only the episodes of Hannibal that she was in. The finale was quite shocking.
And yes, I'm insanely excited to her return to Scully and The X-Files. Thankfully I learned how to tune out Mulder many years ago. He's like a la-la-la-la in a middle school hallway.

Helena said...

Just to see Gillian is enough and also hoping for "The Fall" to return. Please keep us posted on that. Love the comment about tuning out Mulder :)

Anonymous said...

I love X Files, but I hated the last few seasons, so I hope they will somehow make up for them in these new episodes.

For the record, the creepiest episode is "Irresistible" with the guy who likes women's hair and nails. He's just so normal. That there is like the creepiness of "The Fall".... but "The Fall" is so much worse I can't even stand to watch it.

Lyn said...

Best friend quote about the first Xfiles teaser trailer: "Mulder looks old! Skinner looks old! Gillian Anderson looks like a goddess."