Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Free Time

Another day, another new trailer to get excited about. Look, this is the first year we’ve got two potentially mainstream movies focusing on lesbian relationships. If I got a little crazy with the posts, so be it. We’re due. Now, I’ll admit that the “Freeheld” trailer has less sophisticated appeal than the “Carol” trailer. That trailer was a work of atmospheric art. But what “Freeheld” does have is earnest straight forwardness. It’s clearly more of a direct crusade movie than “Carol.” But it’s still something so rare. It’s a film about a lesbian relationship featuring an out lesbian star.

Like, how cute is this scene? Yeah, that gets me more excited than all the trailers.

You know what else is exciting? Ellen bringing her girlfriend to the “Freeheld” premiere. For all of our advances, that simple act still speaks volumes. May we see so much more of such happiness in the future.

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Carmen SanDiego said...

Her girlfriend went to college on a golf scolarship. How gay is that?