Monday, September 07, 2015

My Shoulda Been Weekend, New Week Crush

Oh, geez. Yes, this is another ridiculously late post. Apologies for going off the grid for a few days. My excuse is the totally unoriginal “I was busy” coupled with the always true “sleep is a nice thing.” But, fear not. I am still here and writing and now want to share this lovely little number with you as both an apology and a thank you. This past week I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Broadway legend and all-around incredible person Audra McDonald in concert. And she performed this song as the encore. She prefaced it by saying she used to sing this as a rallying cry for the marriage equality fight. But sine June of this year, she now performs it beacon of hope for anyone who needs it. Also, you know, there is the Dorothy connection.

p.s If you get the chance to see Audra in concert, sweet merciful Zeus, go. I cannot recommend her highly enough.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Glad you got to catch up on some sleep DS

maya said...

I've seen her a couple of times on B'way and in concert. She's fantastic. And she's from Fresno so, she's practically local.