Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Once Upon a Tam-Tam

I don’t know about you, but I really enjoyed this week’s Tamsin-centric episode. I mean, confusing Valkyrie lifeline chronology aside, I think it was a welcome showcase for Rachel Skarsten who has been a perfect fit in the “Lost Girl” universe from the start. Of course, it also made me a little sad (no, not for the Team Valkubus vs. Team Doccubus stuff, I have zero interest in that). No, it made me sad because this far into the final season of “Lost Girl” an episode like this is clearly meant to be last, and deserved, hurrah for Tamsin’s character. While you never know what kind of wacky things the writers will do (and, please, don’t tell me – no fae-ing spoilers), you have to guess they won’t spend another whole episode dedicated to Tam-Tam. I mean, they only five episodes total left to wrap this succu-puppy up. But it was a nice gesture to give our Valkyrie her due. She has added so much to the show – dance skills not withstanding.

Oh, and you can read my full recap of Episode 5.11 “Sweet Valkyrie High” over at AfterEllen today.

p.s. That clip also made me miss Bruce. And, as always, Kenzi.


Tristen said...

Wish they had done a flashback episode for Lauren. I would have loved to see some background on her PRE-FEA.

And it was nice that Bo and Tamsin finally processed their relationship from this season. Its too bad we have been waiting 4 years for Bo and Lauren to do the same.

Anonymous said...

lost girl break up bo and lauren again in 5x12. the fans keep saying they are perfect together, but the show runner keep telling the fans bo and lauren are bad for each other. it just like they spitting on the fans' faces. if a gay-friendly show like lost girl do that to their fans, i don't see the point of watching any t.v. shows ever again.
the storylines of lost girl is really painfully to watch, i keep thinking wtf is this show is doing. i'm really sorry to see talents like zoie and anna have to do this show. it maybe the reason they are reaching stardom, but it definitely will be a stain in their careers. it's really wise for solo to jump ship, because it's sinking a long time ago.