Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Just More Beaver Talk

So coming off a mini-vacation this past weekend (yes, the oysters were delicious), I’m back to thinking about all things gay. Just kidding, I never take a vacation from all things gay (hence the oysters – though not from Whistable…) I’m going to start (finally) my “Orange Is the New Black” character recaps this week. So to get us all ready, here is a supercut of the most important moments of Season 2. You know, all the vagina references. Please, you knew the sequel was coming. Also, I was dropping hints like crazy with all the oyster talk. Enjoy, my pussies, enjoy.


Anonymous said...

um...that was a lot more than just vagina references.

egghead said...

This national vagina obsession (all for it) is starting to remind me of Portlandia's Beaver obsession of last season.