Thursday, July 03, 2014

Et tu, Kurt

So this morning there was brief pseudo-panic when it appeared Chris Colfer has been fired from Glee.

And then we all knew who to blame.

And then he wasn’t fired from Glee.

And then we all went back to not caring about Glee.

In the end, Chris Colfer’s Twitter “hack” only served as a reminder how spectacularly “Glee” has slide into irrelevance. If this had happened even three years ago, there probably would have been an online riot demanding answers and decrying the potentially homophobic undertones of the hack and forming a protective worship bubble around Colfer. As it, it’s barely a blip on our radars. If you were off Twitter this morning, you missed it entirely.

I’ve talked about my steady, but inevitable descent into DGAF status with this show. It’s sad, considering how truly powerful it once was a place for the outcasts among us to find a reason to sing. But five years is a long time and the shifting world we live in has shifted right past the relevancy of jazz hand empowerment. Also, um, you can’t sustain a show without sustaining its characters. To care about it we have to care about them. (Remember all those now non-existent Glee Version 2.0 kids? Yeah, neither do I.)

So, in the end, Kurt isn’t really gone. But the Kurt that really mattered left a long time ago anyway.

p.s. Totally off topic, but is anyone else continually freaked out by Chris Colfer’s baby mouth singing face? Why can’t we see his teeth? Does he only eat pureed foods? Whew, glad I got that off my chest.

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