Monday, June 30, 2014

Follow your Kacey

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I generally dislike Katy Perry. My reasons have been well documented and also lesbians HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN that “I Kissed A Girl” shit. But she’s had some admittedly catchy songs and I liked “Roar” – even if Sara Bareilles did it first and better with “Brave.” But, I digress. Katy did a CMT Crossroads with Kacey Musgraves over the weekend. And they dueted on Musgraves’ adorable hit “Follow Your Arrow.” Interesting point of order, Kacey initially offered “Follow Your Arrow” to Katy. But she told Kacey she should keep it for herself because “This is going to be really good for you.” And, indeed, it was. So I guess I can’t hate Katy entirely. I mean, she helped make Kacey a star and I think Kacey is cute as a damn button. Also, I really like this song. It makes me want to tap my toe every time I hear it. So I’ll post it whenever I can. Though, no comment on Katy’s purple cellophane skirt. Is it made of Fruit Roll-Ups? Sorry, I forgot, I wasn’t commenting.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this... I think it's just what I needed to get my Monday off to a happy start. There's just something about this song that makes me smile everytime I hear it!

Unknown said...

I think you are too hard on Katy. So yeah, maybe "I Kissed a Girl" was a little gay-baity, but she appears to be a genuine straight ally. As you say she did a solid by Kacey telling her to keep the song for herself. I'm thinking you haven't seen PART OF ME. I was a KP hater until I did. She's down to earth, loyal and hard working - a first class human being. Her only real flaw seems to be her poor choice in men.

maya said...

Hey, Kacey Musgraves album is $3.99 on Amazon right now. I bought it. I kind feel like I need to give money to someone who has a high probability of being a one-hit wonder. But hey, maybe the album is full of gems! Oh, yeah, I forgot, it's country...nevermind. ;-)

egghead said...

I usually save up all my "sugar" gummie bear unicorn feelings for Dolly Parton, but I suppose I can squeeze out some love for Katy and Kacey.

And hey? How about that Dolly at Glastonbury this weekend? I have to go listen to that pronto.

tlsintx said...

3 things:

First, thanks Snarker! ..for the tip about Kacey. She is adorable and I'd never even heard of her.

Second, I love KP but she hasn't quite overcome her uber Christian can see it in the music video - she's so squeamish about the light up a joint lyrics it makes ME squirm...and I think she really really likes kissing girls and still can't just go with it.

Third, did somebody just mention Dolly Parton because Kacey gave me such a Dolly vibe! Both her singing voice and speaking voice sometimes, and something in her face too! I love that! The end.