Tuesday, July 15, 2014

All About K-Stew

Cinema’s continual fascination with How Terrible It Is For Women To Age, because what other stories can we possibly tell about women as they age, is beyond tiring. It is especially so when you throw in the adversarial younger woman vs. older woman dynamic – because again, heaven forbid we actually get along as women instead of spar as rivals. Also, have you noticed how it’s always dudes who write and direct these All About Eve-things. Still with that said, the trailer for “The Clouds of Sils Maria” looks like a well-acted – if not entirely new – film with a very talented female cast. I mean, how can you resist the combination of Juliette Binoche, Kristen Stewart and Chloë Grace Moretz? Also, there is a distinctly lesbian vibe happening between Juliette’s older actress, Kristen’s younger assistant, non? I mean, hello, the whole play-within-a-movie is about an older woman who falls for a younger woman. Yes, yes, and then there’s K-Stew’s G-string. Fine, I’m going to go see this. But if there are more lingering shots of puffy alpine clouds than actual lesbian content I’m going to be Bella Swan mopey the rest of the day.


tlsintx said...

I'm in.
Juliette Binoche almost equals Meryl to me.

Judith said...

The cloud scenes are pretty lesbionic too, if we're being honest... Well, the cleft in the mountain, anyway. What? Oh, come on, I am NOT the only one to think it. Admit it. I said "cleft" and you all went to your happy places.

tam said...

I always watch Juliette Binoche films. And I have to say K. Stewart seems to be having a chance to act for a change.

Everyone; Lets face it, Stewart stayed on the Twilight vomit train cos of the money. Let's face it, she hated the role.

SO now she doesn't need the money, she can choose more interesting roles. This film looks like one. Look forward to it.

maya said...

Answer to rhetorical question: CAN NOT RESIST. I'm champing at the bit to see this. I have loved Juliette Binoche since Blue, (I saw Unbearable Lightness earlier but didn't care for it. Perhaps a re-watch is in order...) and I will pretty much watch her in anything. Plus Kristen Stewart is hot. I don't have the antipathy that so many people seem to have for her. Maybe because I didn't watch the Twilight movies? C'mon, did you see Jenny Lewis' new video? She's effing adorable.

Cec said...

This laugh at 1:03 is enough as a trailer for me.
I LOVE Juliette's laugh.

Anonymous said...

2 great actresses (Stewart and Binoche)for a movie which is a kind of Opening Night for Juliette Binoche. The lesbian affair is not really one.
You will discover it on August 20th in France ;)