Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Wonder Looks

Oh hell, why not? Everyone else is 

 in on Wonder Woman’s new outfit. Why not me. First, I hate to say it but I’m slightly annoyed by the newcomer casting. Batman and Superman get recognized names and arguably the most iconic female superhero of all time gets someone I need to Google? Anyway, fine. Everyone was new once.

So now onto the important bits: the look. I don’t hate it. I know there are no iconic stars-and-stripes hotpants. And, heavens, will this lesbian miss the hotpants. But I’m also OK with that because if you really, really think about it superhero costumes tend to look a little ludicrous when worn by actual human beings. Remember poor Adrianne Palicki and that never-even-happened Wonder Woman TV debacle? Better yet, let’s collectively pretend it never happened.

Granted, I am not feeling the high-heeled boots because – ugh, high-heeled boots. (Even if it’s some sort of modified chunky platform – who can run like an Amazon on tip-toes?) Also the whole “Batman v. Superman” aura has terribly grimdark what with the Sad Batfleck and Super Rain teaser images. But at least she looks more or less ready for a fight. Sure, her outfit is a lot more revealing than Supe or The Bat, but at least I don’t see her cleavage falling out. Nor is her ass positioned prominently on screen. Sad to say, it’s an improvement over “The Avengers” promos. (Though, is she squats a little too vigorously I might see Wonder Snatch.) In the end I dig her sword. I dig her wristcuffs. I dig her whole “I stole this from the Warrior Princess” vibe. I don’t know if Xena feels the same way, but I’d pay to watch those two duke it out.

[H/T The Internet for that ah-maze-ing image]


Rosie said...

A sword??? Since when did WW ever use that? her lasso, her invisible plane, he cuffs and her tiara I think was it,no? Well, I'm not a fan of the new outfit.I think she looks like she's part of Destiny's Child.

Anonymous said...

The word is spelled: "weighing" there's NO "T" in it.

Tristen said...

I LOVE it. She looks like and Amazon Warrior should ... minus the high heels.

Anonymous said...

Though I don't care for the outfit, she was the Warrior Princess of the Amazons. She clearly looks more like the Amazons on XWP than the WW from the TV series etc.

Erin said...

She uses a sword all the time in the comics and unlike Superman and Batman she is a warrior and has no problem killing when she finds it necessary.

Carmen SanDiego said...

I must saythat I liked Adrianne Palicki's pants
But yeah, totally stole the look from Xena

Deanna Yang said...

I'm glad that got rid of that stars and stripes nonsense. I'd like to see bit bigger Wonder Biceps. I wonder if the outfit covers enough that she can fly the invisible plane overhead. And for once it will be the female lead sticking their sword in someone rather than the male.