Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Silk Road

I was lucky enough to interview Anna Silk for the second time yesterday. She was, just like the first time, lovely. She is always earnest and thoughtful and candid in interviews. I appreciate the care she gives to her character and her fans. You can read the full interview today on AfterEllen. Until then, its fun to remember back before she was Bo, the unaligned succubus. When she was just a frazzled flight attendant trying to make it through another day. Her wardrobe has certainly improved.


Tristen said...

Lost Girl is my all time favorite show. Even when it gets crazy and confuzing, I still love it. Bo is a great character and Anna is a great actress. I'm so glad she is the one who won the part of Bo. I love Anna Silk and her on screen love Zoie Palmer (Lauren). They do the gay community proud with thier portrayal of Bo and Lauren. Please Please Please let there be Doccubus babies in the Lost Girl future.

Helena said...

This ad is on my all time favourite list. And agree with previous comment that these ladies do us proud.