Monday, July 14, 2014

Naked Lady Monday: Body Issue Edition

It comes along once a year like Lesbian Christmas. The ESPN Body Issue with naked female (OK, and male too) athletes showing us their assets. It’s a bonanza of flesh and power that I always check out because, um, science? Yeah, definitely science.

Venus Williams, Tennis

Am I the only one who thinks, “Damn, I wonder if that sand is hot on her ass?” during these sorts of situations.

Ginger Huber, Cliff Diving

Yet another in a long series of Sports I Wouldn’t Try, Let Alone Nude.

Danyelle Wolf, Boxing

Ditto from above.

Angel McCoughtry, Basketball

Though naked basketball, that I would definitely watch.

Hilary Knight, Hockey

Naked ice hockey would be a much gentler game, I think.

Jamie Anderson, Snowboarding

I’m always a little less than pleased when they have people – particularly the women – pose in ways that have nothing (or in this case almost nothing) to do with their sports.

Amy Purdy, Paralympic Snowboarding

Another case in point – beautiful image, what does this have to do with snowboarding?

Coco Ho, Surfer

By comparison, isn’t this so much better?

Alia Evans, Bobsled

And this one, too?

Megan Rapinoe, Soccer

Fine, I’ll accept it because it’s Megan and at least there’s a soccer ball. What, they’re all still naked ladies. So I’m easy.


Carmen SanDiego said...

Hello ladies. And Rapinoe's soccer tan.

Shasta said...

I'm giving Amy Purdy's picture a pass. If you haven't seen her Dancing With The Stars freestyle in the finale (it's on YouTube, try not to cry), she talks about being up on the rope and how amazing and free it feels. So probably the same sort of thing on that ring...
Amy's fantastic.
But yeah, I mostly agree about the cheesecake stuff!

Anonymous said...

Amy Purdy, it must have something to do with her acrobatic stunt in the dancing with the star on her freestyle dance :) n she can really dance n it was worth watching!!

Sam Bennett said...

Im pretty sure jamie anderson is reclining on an old ski lift chair there (99% certain), and shes wearing snowboarding boots, so I guess thats pretty relevant to the sport