Monday, July 28, 2014

Our Ladies of the New World Order

Each year Comic-Con comes and the nerds of the world rejoice. Of course, it has become a massive Hollywood hype machine of late. Geek nirvana has become the place for A-listers to drop in, smile pretty, make an entire ballroom of people freak out and unveil the latest trailer for their new film before helicoptering out to their nerd-free tropical islands. I’m imagining that’s how it works; I’ve never been or anything. This year the two trailers that got me most excited were for the latest installment of “The Hunger Games” and the new “Mad Max.” I have to say Katniss edges out Charlize Theron and her shaved head/mechanical arm by a tiny bit because, duh, it’s The Hunger Games. But for sheer blowing shit up in the midst of dust storms at the end of civilization as we know it, the “Mad Max” reboot looks pretty damn cool. So, which are you most excited about? (p.s. You’re welcome to say “Batman v. Superman” and their glowy eyed glare off, but I am not convinced yet – not by a long shot.)

Edit: Leaving our Lord and Spammer in the comments for comedic relief. Ignore (or mock) at will.


Steve Finnell said...


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Anonymous said...

I guess the answer to WWJD is spam.

Carmen SanDiego said...

Wonder Woman was great but high heel boots? I dont know...
And anonymous over here is right.

Anonymous said...

Dorothy, why don't you go on Steve's site and leave a two page post about the true meaning of blowing shit up with a robotic arm and a shaved head?

I've seen the first pictures of the new Wonder Woman from the Batman/Superman flick. Hmmmmmmm....that isn't WW. She doesn't even have blue pants with stars on!

Anonymous said...

I really just want to spam that blog with quotes like " AND GOD SAID THAT THE LESBIANS WOULD INHERIT THE EARTH! SO SAYETH ALL OF THE CATS AND INDIGO GIRLS, AMEN!" Also I'm nerdily looking forward to the hunger games.

JW said...


so sorry for the scream, my eyes were burning after suddenly getting ambushed by Doctrine Spam.

Anyways, just wanted to say how impressed I was by Hunger Games, this tiny flimsy harry potter whistle wannabe movie, compared to Twilight OF ALL THINGS, has now become this epic multi layered adult of a movie. (NOT ADULT MOVIE, THATS A DIFFERENT THING. I'M SAYING THE FRANCHISE HAS GROWN UP, DAMNIT)

THANK YOU, Francis Lawrence.

William Kendall said...

I found this post by looking up St. Stephen Of The Infernal Order Of Blowhard Finnells. The sanctimonious git has a history of mass spamming blogs with his self righteous crap.

It's people like him that destroy organized religion for everyone else.

And being a gutless coward like he is, he'll never actually publish a comment like "AND GOD SAID THAT THE LESBIANS WOULD INHERIT THE EARTH! SO SAYETH ALL OF THE CATS AND INDIGO GIRLS, AMEN!" Very funny, by the way!