Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SGALGG: Emmys Edition

Oh, Emmy Awards. Each year I have such high hopes that only the most deserving will wing and each year something like Jon Cryer happens. And I even used to love Duckie. While they’re not always the most merit wothy of meritocracies, they are almost always a great source of Straight Gals Acting Like Gay Gals. Like whatever is happening here between Sofia Vergara, Sofia Vergara’s mom and Julie Bowen. Well, Julie did go on about sister wives in her award speech. So keeping it all in the family must just come naturally. A few more SGALGG moments from this year’s Emmys which merit your attention.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus & Amy Poehler
Even Julia thought it was a shame Amy didn’t win. But at least they hugged it out.

Lucy Liu & Julianne Moore
In my head, Julianne just told Lucy she wanted to see her Russia in her house. Are those euphemisms? You betcha.

Jessica Lange & Connie Britton
You can’t blame Connie for taking a shot at Jessica. In fact you’re probably a little jealous.

Morena Baccarin & Claire Danes
While nothing overtly SGALGG-y is happening here, you have to believe the magnificent V in Morena’s dress is giving Claire pause.

Amy Poehler & Tina Fey
If I can’t marry My Fake TV Wife, then I want Amy to have her and I want them to make the funniest babies in all the world together.

Ginnifer Goodwin, Emily VanCamp & Julie Bowen
Julie just made Ginnifer and Emily and offer they can’t refuse.

Katee Sackhoff & Tricia Helfer
What happens in the photobooth rarely every just happens in the photobooth. Ahem.

Christina Hendricks
While she isn’t doing anything gay, she is certainly making a lot of new gays just by sitting there.

Sarah Paulson
This is what I call a Gay Gal Acting Like a Gay Gal. I mean, really, look at how excited she is at the sight of sensible shoes.

Sofia Vergara & Julie Bowen
Screw Jay and Phil. Think how big a hit “Modern Family” would be if we got to see Gloria and Claire do this every week.

So Sofia Vergara suffered a bit of a wardrobe malfunction right before “Modern Family” took home the Emmy for best comedy. I think this might be proof there is a benevolent God, and she loves us lesbians.


;) babs said...

I knew this would come...
thanks, miss S!

Anonymous said...

Christina Hendricks. Yes.

Anonymous said...

Christina Hendricks. NO. Enough already, Snarker. It's fine if you want to include her because she's hot, but why do you always have to act like even straight girls would be attracted to her? I highly doubt that.

Lesberatti [a.k.a TechGyrl] said...

13You can't tell what's going on between Julie Bowen and Sophia Vergara is: Bowen leaned into Vergara apparently after they were dancing or hugging or maybe Sophia was giving Bowen a congratulatory kiss, to talk to or kiss the person behind Vergaga. Whichever it was it certainly was NOT gay, besides Lesbians don't act this way. Especially at awards ceremonies. We're too busy trying to look unaffected.

Anonymous said...

About Christiana Hendricks and that straight girls may not be attracted to her: In 2010 the Esquire did a huge survey and asked its female reader for the best-looking woman and they clearly answered 'Christina Hendricks'. See here fore more info: http://www.esquire.com/women/women-issue/survey-of-american-women-0510

So while this may not proves that straight girls ARE attracted to Christina Hendricks, they at least think Ms Hendricks IS attractive ;)

Also, I love that photo of Tricia Helfer!

sadie0777 said...

Christina Hendricks makes me want to smother myself in her perfectly abundant chest!!!! What a way to go!

Big Shamu said...

Holy crap, a photo of actual food in front of an actress who appears to be eating a steak. You don't know how fucking rare it is to have actresses in the near vicinity of actual food. You go Amy.