Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gender Fuck Thursday: Fall TV Edition

You know what else fall means? Our favorite TV ladies returning to us, sometimes while wearing lovely suits. Sometimes for their respective TV shows, sometimes because ladies look nice when they wear a nicely tailored jacket. Whatever the reason, we can all agree it’s a win for us, the viewing audience.

Lindsey Shaw, Pretty Little Liars
Paige McCullers channels Marlene Dietrich and I like it.

Jane Lynch, Glee
Admit it, this is a vast improvement over the rack suit.

Anna Torv, Fringe
Seeing Anna with her hands shoved into her pockets makes me feel even more terrible that I stopped watching “Fringe.”

Lana Parrilla, Once Upon a Time
You Swan Queeners sure gave Rizzles a run for their money in the AE Femslash Thunderdome. Respect. Big time.

Jaime Murray, Warehouse 13
Each time H.G. returns on screen I scream “KISS MYKA NOW, YOU BRITISH TWIT!” But on the inside – mostly.

Ellen DeGeneres
Someone grabbed her tie in the dark that morning.

Naya Rivera
I don’t understand what’s happening with the crotch of her pants here. But I thank Naya profusely for giving me more reasons to stare long and hard in that general direction. Ahem.


egghead said...

Since we're fucking around this Thursday, I would say Naya's pants are there to cover up HOW BIG she is? :D (oh men and wee lit'l dicks)

Yeow, that picture of Jaime ("i" before "e" inbetween "m") makes her look either really, really stoned, high, trippin' or she just got a really nice "shag" . . . carpet? :D

(Oh shut my mouth, or is it shut the back door? I feel especially frisky today.)

Anonymous said...

The only ones that looks good are Anna Torv and Lana Parilla. Ellen is revolting as usual and Naya may be too thin.

Kate said...

"rack suit"? Freudian slip, Miss Snarker? ��

Anonymous said...

I think Naya's wearing drop crotch pants.

gutscheine zum ausdrucken said...

very good comment

LisaLyn said...

Each time H.G. returns on screen I scream “KISS MYKA NOW, YOU BRITISH TWIT!” But on the inside – mostly.