Monday, September 24, 2012

Maddow about you

Dear Rachel Maddow circa 1998,

I would have totally crushed on you from afar in our Women in Media: Visibility Equals Power class in college. I would have followed a couple steps behind you in the annual Take Back the Night march through downtown. And then I would have sat as close as I could without being creepy in the local coffee shop while you talked with other short-haired girls wearing combat boots about oppression and empowerment. In short, I would have totally stalked you. Good thing we went to separate colleges.

Ms. Snarker circa 1998 and 2012


Hanna said...

ahh, she looks totally badass! Awesome!

E said...

So she looked like this while she was at *my* college?

Damn my year of birth!

(my captcha is 'prolife'...mmm...)

Unknown said...

Saw this picture a few days ago on BuzzFeed. Posted it on facebook with caption "commence swooning". And let me tell you, there was SO MUCH swooning. So much.

As one of my lesbian friends put it "She has everything right here. Everything is perfect"



Anonymous said...

Wow. I would have kept her, too, if she would have knocked on my door and asked to mow my lawn. I second the "everything is perfect."

Anonymous said...

Just in case you haven't seen it:

A little - ok, a lot - over the top but a lot of fun :)