Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Best medicine

Laughter! We all love it. Best medicine and all. We especially love when television professional people screw up unprofessionally on television. Hence, our collective love of the professional gag reel. So please allow the highly trained, highly paid professionals in these videos show you how it’s done.

Parks & Recreation

I’m so sad about Amy Poehler and Will Arnett’s divorce. But the snort laughter helps. As does the very last gag. Trust me, watch until the end.


Now, with added Jennifer Beals!

Grey’s Anatomy

Needs more Calzona. But then, doesn’t everything.

Warehouse 13

Needs more Jaime Murray. But then, doesn’t everything.


Anonymous said...

This post brightened my day, you're the very best!!

Caitlin said...

I feel this post would have had more effect if I hadn't already watched the warehouse 13 video three times in the past week. Still love it though. :D

Jody said...

I think Jaime Murray should be on every show. Make it happen, Dorothy!

Unknown said...

If you want more Jaime Murray, you should check out the Warehouse 13 season two gag reel. She's in it more, since she had a bigger role in season two. :{)

Jody said...

I'm not sure there's any amount of Jaime Murray that would be sufficient.

Anonymous said...

"Needs more Jaime Murray. But then, doesn’t everything"

It does, really!

Anonymous said...

"Needs more Jaime Murray. But then, doesn’t everything."

Yes and most definitely YES! Good God, if Myka and HG don't have some screen time together soon I think I might just throttle that Kenny!


kaney said...

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