Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where you go I will Follows

Research is really a wonderful thing. Some people like to take shortcuts, but I believe in doing things the old-fashioned way. Hence last night I spent untold hours looking up actresses in lesbian guest appearances to prove my Lesbian Rule of Threes, a totally not fake theory I did not just make up after having a cocktail or two last night. Read all about it later on AfterEllen today. Suffice it to say I was scanning old clips to make my case when I stumbled across this one I had tucked away. To be fair, the great and powerful ScribeGrrrl tipped me off to it in the first place. I believe things like this are are why the internet was invented.

Yes, that is Megan Follows playing totally gay on “ER.” Yes, I know, OH MY GOD! Now, unless you were one of those “Little House on the Prairie” girls, everyone knows Megan Follows was Anne Shirley, as in “Anne of Green Gables.” I am now going to allow 15 seconds for the 10-year-old in all of you to freak out and possibly squeal.

This of course led me to more research while led me to the conclusion that I am not the only person who daydreamed about Anne and Diana being Bosom Friends with benefits. Come on, who calls their best friend their “bosom” anything? Gay ladies, that’s who. All that hand holding, all that kissing on the lips, all that professing of love. Think I’m kidding? Research doesn’t lie.

Megan Follows is one of my earliest and my most enduring crushes. That red hair, those freckles, that spunk. Did you know she turned 42 last week? Yeah, I’m not sure how I feel about that either. But I do know that I will always be at least a little in love with Megan, and now so much more that she once played a big old lesbian. Talk about your kindred spirits.


Anonymous said...

As a kid, I was always so enamoured with Anne and Diana's friendship. It's yet another sign, looking back, that I've been gay all along!

Thanks so much. I really love Megan Follows!

Anonymous said...

again you prove that you are living (at least part time, & btw your half of the rent is due) in my head.
each of your posts seems to just resonate with me.
and then! Then you post about Megan! My very first crush. For years as a baby lesbian I thought that Anne & Diana were the perfect couple. Sure it was very G rated, but still!
I love you for writing this post. Today will be a good day!
'tomorrow is fresh, with no mistakes in it.'

Anonymous said...

Ms Snarker, you make my day, so often. Thanks for that :)
This post especially -- I was just, this afternoon, listening to Megan Follows reading Anne of Green Gables (amazing what you find when you trawl the iTunes vaults!) and thinking happy thoughts. (And nice to see others' comments on Anne and Diana!)
And are you seriously saying you did not catch that moment on ER?! It, like, TOTALLY proved god exists! :)
Thanks again for your daily smiles.

Anonymous said...

PS Sorry -- I realise you said you HAD seen it but tucked it away. I thought you were saying you'd only just found it ;)

Anonymous said...

I was much impressed when I saw her on Er... but I think her cameo on X Files, giving birth to an alien-human-hybrid baby was better. Cute baby too.

I loved Anne as a kid, still do... and those first two movies (but especially the first one) are amazing.

;) babs said...

I was definitely one of the Anne of Green Gables-girls!

(but I didn't like her on ER, I wanted kerry + kim to be happy)

Carolynn said...

Anne+Diana was definitely my childhood ideal- Ms. Snarker, you speak the truth!! i could still quote most of the 8+ hours of those movies by heart...

plus, how cool that she was a tough little goalie in Hockey Night?

(i'm LOVING that Shedding fansite for Megan Follows!)

Norma Desmond said...

I remember loving Anne of Green Gables... I do not remember so much lesbianism. Though, obviously, that does explain a lot...

J9 said...

Wow - The red hair, the freckles, 42? I feel like a twin or something!

LizC said...

I saw Megan recently in Toronto in a play called Cloud 9. In it she played not one but TWO lesbian characters!

Anonymous said...


I love today's post!
It makes me laugh, and shout

anne is very famous, I mean I watched the japanese
ani when I was child, and then read the books in my teen days, and watched the canadian drama
in college days. It's never boring.

every ages, every people in everywhere likes her.


it's kind of surprise to see her in present drama.
seems like...she's really makes sense when
she's anne, but another character looks totally
different person. where is my anne? kind of.

where did you find them? so cool, totally cool.
the bunch of pics reminds me also my bestfriend,
she was like we met in kindergarden and in same
elementary school and so on..

right, she has a baby now, surprise...

I'm very talkative today and feels going somewhere
out of the subject on today's post.

let me finish, and have my dinner.
thank you for today's post, and all the hard work,
I love all of the pics and kind of interesting movie clip. you're very good at things like that.

I mean fresh, and interesting view point?

have a great day!

by the way, anne and diana living very close.
look at how they cry, children....

I'm very adult, so never cry even I miss DS a lot.
very brave.

Frassington said...

Um, hello! Anne of Green "Gay"bles?! Oh yes, thanks! I too had a thing for red heads back in the day. Megan, Allison Smith, Samantha Smith (R.I.P.) and the M.I.L.F. who played Mrs. Hart on Hart to Hart. ;D

One other thing about Megan, didn't she play in a hockey movie that had her trying out and playing on a previously all boys team? That was pretty sweet! I'm think it was a few years before she did Anne. I had such a crush starting with that movie!

Thanks again, Mme. Snarker!

Making Space said...

Wow! 42 looks crazy hot on her. I was never a big Anne of Green Gables fan. Yawn. I may need to revisit that...

Finn said...

Hmmm... Ms Snarker, I think you may have identified my root. That series was watched until the tapes broke, then my relatives bought be new tapes and they broke too, then they gifted the DVD's.

Anyone else crush on Ms Katharine?

Kellz said...

Hello! This is not related to Ms Follows. I was just thinking about the "Lesbian Rule of 3s"...
You see, I'm a Kristin Scott Thomas fan, and this just went through my mind... Although very lightly and not exactly lesbian, there was her "Four Weddings and a Funeral" character who was a lesbian once in college. There's also her "Bitter Moon" character where she danced very sensually with Emmanuelle Seigner (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41qwk42BqyI) and there's also "Tell No One" where her character was a lesbian.
There's not much visual aid for these, though.
This is just coming from a fangirl!

Keep up with your research!

Anonymous said...

No idea who these ppl R but your writing style and wit make this article entertaining nevertheless.

pernicious piggy said...

And let us not forget her brief turn as Jo's cousin (I believe) in an episode of Facts of Life.

Between warm fuzzy crushes over Megan Follows and Lynda Carter, I should have had a clue about things much earlier in my life.

Anonymous said...

ZOMG! I LOVED Megan Follows as Anne! She was one of my first crushes!

Anonymous said...

so sad to find such a promising and beloved actress go sour into a self-destructive lifestyle :-(. AIDS is not a joke. She needs help fast.

Shedding said...

Stumbling upon this late, but just to follow up on LizW's comment - indeed, if you think that ER clip is something, her characters in Cloud 9 will undoubtedly induce much more fangirl squealing.

Audio-visual treat:

Smith said...

I re-watched Anne of Green Gables recently, forgetting how good it was. I get how Megan Follows was an early girl crush for you guys! She's very enchanting in the Anne movies. Totally worth jumping tracks for ;)

I've also been reading the books, and Anne is quite the chick magnet what with her other "friendships."

Anonymous said...

Apparently, you have no idea or understanding of historical context. This movie was based on a book that was written at a time when the L-word hardly existed and certainly wouldn't have been known to adolescent girls. People were a lot more free to express their feelings without fear of prejudice. This is especially important for children to be able to do and the fact that so much PC these days has created such a fear of genuine affection is sad. Anne was an unloved orphan, who was just looking for companionship and love.
The fact that you would perverse an innocent, young girl's friendship is exactly what is wrong with the gay community today and the world's attitude towards us at large! You are part of the problem Ms. Snarker not the solution!

And if you think it's all innocence, then think about this. What would people think if a heterosexual, middle aged man was blogging about this same thing? Yeah, I cringed and said "Gross"! too!

thatdietcokegirl said...

They are one of the highest examples of female romantic friendship in literature which is, imo, the purest form of love. Obviously they are shippy as hell but I don't like the idea of them actually getting physically frisky with eachother..nothing past little cuddles, hugs, fleeting kisses, hand-holding, etc. anyway. It would ruin the purity of their bond. I know yr post is in fun and stuff, but you have to remember the time this book was set in and how common romantic friendship was then--with both sexes. People were much freer just to express love and affection towards eachother w/o it being perceived (or intended) as sexual.

I'm not like, being aghast at thinking they actually had the true, lets-do-it hots for eachother; I'm a gay girl and yeah, obviously not phased by the notion lol. But Anne and Diana, I just set aside into a different category. It would be nice if people could recognize with sincerity the true nature of that relationship and realize how valuable and beautiful it is, at least amidst all the snarking and winking over it. Because, yeah, its not like that today. Friendships like those don't seem to exist anymore.