Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tina Fey Thursday, again

God, I love it when Tina Fey has a new movie coming out. Why? Because we’re treated to her on magazine covers and talk shows galore. It’s an all-you-can Tina smorgasbord and I can’t pile it on my plate high enough. Like yesterday when she was on the “Late Show with David Letterman.”


Could her Tracy Morgan impersonation be more spot on? Also, you can tell her dress is shorter than she is used to wearing because she keeps adjusting it and sitting in, what I like to call, the modesty arm pose. Hey, a lady doesn’t flash her lady business.

Other highlights from last night’s appearance:

On her 4½-year-old daughter Alice’s concern for her well being:

She just took my face in her hands and said, “When are you going to die?” They have very practical concerns. They’ll miss you, but they’re like, “Who is in charge of the chicken nuggets when you die?”

On playing married to Steve Carell in “Date Night”:

One of the things I liked about the movie is we look like a married couple. A lot of times it’s like Burt Lancaster and Megan Fox.

On improvising on the set:

We did this whole sequence around a stripper pole... We did pretty well. There were a couple times where Steve picked me up by the legs and just rammed my crotch bone into the pole. I was like, Steve, Steve, Steve, Steve. You have a wife; you know what the equipment is that we’re working with here.

Letterman clearly has a crush on her, too. He called her one of “only like half a dozen people who can make really funny, entertaining films” today. Back off, Dave. She’s my Fake Wife. You have a real wife, and staffers.

So yesterday, when emailing back and forth with friends, the topic of – um, how shall we say – favorite body parts came up. (We’re really not that skeezy, it was in the context of my “Bitch Slap” review.) Anyway, I determined after some entirely pleasurable self-reflection that I am not a Boob Gal or a Butt Gal or a Gams Gal. Sure, there are a few areas of the body I like to linger on (wouldn’t you like to know), but all in all what I really like is a big, bodacious brain. Just a really nice perky set of lobes does it for me. Dead sexy. And, ultimately, that’s what makes me love Tina so much. She is so smart and so quick and so witty. She is droll and charming and have I mentioned smart? What can I say, a finely formed cerebral cortex gets me hot.

Also, it helps that it you put your right hand up over Steve Carell on this week’s Entertainment Weekly cover, it looks like Tina is covered in lipstick kisses from a lady. I have had dreams like that. Very, very good dreams. They looked a little something like this.

p.s. Did you catch Joan Jett last night on Letterman, too? Is it just me, or does she not age? Like at all. Like pact-with-the-devil at all.


Landlady of Fat said...

She was on The Marriage Ref... she was hysterical.

But her body language, when she's speaking her own words and thoughts without a script screams of someone who is very self-conscious.

I was kinda surprised by that.

It was endearing and a little sad.

I ♥ Tina Fey... and not just because she's lucky enough to share my name. :)

Anonymous said...

I just thinks that really a kid can think about
like that?

I mean her daughter,
I think even a child be independent,
generally loves parent. maybe they care their
safety..and so on, but I think even they have all what they want, still will want their parent live well for long.

I guess she jokes.

and brain? um...
very untouchable part.

I do like.

I'm kind of confusing when tina shows up,
I do like her, what makes me confusing is
what do you want to say today?

I just feel agree without thinking, back off carell?

by the way,

personally, my favor comedian is ellen and the

thanks, have a very good one. :)

Anonymous said...

I do like her,
I just don't like something relate with her,

just reminds me bad things
that's all. personally.

I want tina success, why not?

Anonymous said...

A finely formed cerebral cortex gets me hot too . . . mmm mmm mmm.

Of course, she's still gotta have some suitably attractive packaging for that big ol'sexy brain . . .

Anonymous said...

Oh snarker, thanks for the chuckles! Tina and you are a marvelous fake couple.

I think dear Joan has had WAY too much work done. I still admire her hotness, but she should stay away from the scalpel. Rockers should just age and be rebellious. The lady is 52 with a history of a rocknroll lifestyle (as seen in the runaways. Cigarette anyone?)

Snarker, how'd you like the runaways movie?

elliB said...

I've got to agree on the brain being my fav body part. Although I can appreciate a fine bum, and I prefer smaller chests, it's defo the smarts, personality and wit that attracts me to my crushes, celeb or not.

kranari said...

Who's the lady??

Wait, is that...Lena Heady?
I wish...

Anonymous said...

ok, tina fandom has reached maximum allowed obsession. stop. now.

Anonymous said...

jett hasn't had any work done. if you've seen a real HD close up, you'd know. Back off!

jetgirl said...

Ms Dorothy, this is the last time I'm going to ask you to STOP STEALING MY DREAMS!

tlsintx said...


*dying now...going to heaven*

Michelle and Lora said...

Carell looks like Pee Wee Herman in that picture. Hee hee.

Unknown said...

There's a word for someone who is sexually attracted to intelligence. Any idea what that word is?

elliB said...


Sapiosexual (n): a person who is sexually attracted to intelligence in others.

Sapiosexual (adj): of, or relating to, finding intellectual stimulation sexually arousing.

Anonymous said...

Tina, sweety, don't be sad about the German ratings! 30 Rock runs on a cabel channel that nobody receives and that pretty much nobody even knows it exists.

But we'll buy the dvds, so we're good, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to post a question for Tina Fey to answer today's the last day at
Ask 'Date Night' Stars Steve Carell and Tina Fey a Question

ravaj said...

fyi if you can figure out how to get hold of it tina fey is supposed to be interviewed on the bbc next week on the jonathan ross show. should be worth seeing!

L said...

The Lancaster- Megan Fox bit was reminiscent of Janeana Garofalo on Letterman around 1999, talking about the Connery-Zeta Jones pairing for Entrapment and observing that you never see a movie starring, "Angela Lansbury and Freddie Prinze, Jr." Garofalo's had more bite because it was about a current pairing.
Fey is phenomenal and this is one of the rare times I lament I am not in the States and able to go to the opening night.