Thursday, March 04, 2010

Aww. And shucks.

Holy crap, kittens, we won! Thank you, thank you, a million times thank you for your votes, your support and for just coming back day after day. I’m humbled and flattered and honored. I’ll pick the drawing winners soon, I promise. But until then, please let me virtually hug each and every one of you with my legs in friendship. Yeah, feel that gratitude. A big thank you once again to Kelly from The Lesbian Lifestyle for generously hosting and organizing the whole shebang. And a hearty congratulations to the other 2009 The Lezzy Award winners:
Best Humor: Grace the Spot
Best Parenting: Up Popped a Fox
Best Engagement/Wedding: My Big Fat Gay Wedding
Best Feminist/Political: Feministing
Best Personal: Peaches & Coconuts
Best Out Later in Life: Making Space
Best Sex/Short Story/Erotica: Sugarbutch Chronicles
Best New Lesbian Blog: Autostraddle
Best Podcast: The Lesbian Lounge
Lifetime Achievement:

Truth be told, I probably only won in Entertainment/Culture because Autostraddle and its swarm of interns graciously chose to only campaign for New Blog. Bless their little gay hearts. And bless your little gay hearts – and straight hearts, and bi hearts, and transgender hearts, really any kind of working ticker. You are too kind, as usual.


Kirsten said...

Yay! Click those twinkly heels lady, congrats. :)

Daniel said...

Yes! You won!

Congratulations, Ms. Snarker!

You earned this!

Now where's the bubbly, I'll drink on that ... :)

Unknown said...


Next year someone should be making t-shirts with the text "I voted for Dorothy" on them :)

Thanks for the lovely blog!

Anonymous said...

congratulation :)
is it third tiara?
that's great!

thanks for all the labor and hard work.
and being here all the time.

tlsintx said...


You do good work Snarker! :D

Making Space said...

Congrats! I voted for you every time I voted for me. Snicker... your blog rocks my world. Glad you won.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! You deserve it!

Anonymous said...


love you & autostraddle & hate afterellen ( the goods ones onthis poor site are gone now..)

Anonymous said...

Well done, Dorothy! I just commemorated you and the other winners over on my blog.

Hugs, Justine