Friday, March 26, 2010

My Weekend Crush

Say what you will about Nancy Pelosi, but the lady delivered. When it counted most, when others swore it was futile, when the full brunt of an angry opposition came down on her, she delivered. Not to go all Joe Biden on the situation, but the passage of health care reform this week was a big fucking deal. Sure, it’s not everything many of us had hoped for. And it’s a lot more than others ever wanted. But this is how progress works. It is rarely pretty. It is always hard. It is never perfect. Change is a process, but it won’t happen without that first, gigantic step.

And it might not have ever happened without the Speaker of the House. Now I’ve had my differences with Pelosi’s leadership style and overall approach before. But I’ve never doubted her intellect and conviction, and now I’ll never doubt her toughness again. By all accounts it was Speaker Pelosi who prodded President Obama to stay aggressive about passing health care reform. By all accounts it was Speaker Pelosi who cajoled Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to grow a pair. And by all account it was Speaker Pelosi who strong-armed the skittish House Democrats to get the votes needed, more even, to pass this historic piece of legislation.

Now l still believe that the role of government is to help people, to solve big problems, and to ensure our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. And it’s really hard to have any let alone all of those three if you’re sick and can’t afford to get better. The simple right to be healthy, to even just be alive, shouldn’t be reserved for the rich. We are a society that is plenty wealthy enough to make sure our most basic health is ensured. It’s downright shameful that we don’t. But that begins to end now.

Pelosi, who turns 70 today, is not only the first female Speaker of the House, but as second in line to the presidency she is perhaps the most powerful woman in American history. And she has done it all, amazingly, with that near perpetual smile. For this, she has been called many things. A dingbat. A dilettante. And, my favorite, a San Francisco liberal. The horrors! Yet somehow, people still buy Rice-a-Roni.

But such chronic underestimation is something she is no doubt used to, and clearly has no problem overcoming. There were times during this past year when I was sure that all hope was lost, that the bill was dead, that the Democrats simply didn’t have the spine. But that was just me underestimating her, too. She had the spine all along. Sure it wasn’t seamless, and certainly the work isn’t done. But it’s that first, gigantic step we needed. Thank you, Madame Speaker. Have a happy birthday, you’ve earned it. Happy weekend, all.


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Hoot said...

She'll probably spend the rest of her life receiving threats from the Dodo-heads on the far Right. But, she took a stand and did what was needed. That took guts.

TheWeyrd1 said...

Wow, I had no idea she was turning 70. I could have sworn she was in her 50's. Very early 60's at most. Must be the toughness that keeps her young!

PS. My word verification to post this comment is cohetro. WTF!!! LOL... I would have preferred Is cohetro the new bi?

TKTC said...

One of your best posts, lady. Loved it.

Anonymous said...

Bribes, payoffs, backroom deals, secret meetings, lying about the content and cost of the bill, ignoring the plainly and loudly stated will of the people...

yeah, nice choice.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 140, thought you were talking about the Bush/Cheney years. *shudder*

Pelosi rocks ass. She demonstrated for the boys, including and maybe especially Obama, what leadership looks like. All while in heels and a power suit, and yeah, that smile. Huzzah!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen news for long,
so they did health insurance thing?
I thought it's a week ago,.

by the way,
the interesting is that generally people
thinks american like to do something first than
other country, but you know,
I don't want to point out though,

we're gonna have woman president.
(maybe faster than...)
I just respond you said she is first woman speaker?

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Amy said...

Way to go, Nancy Pelosi!

How right to point out that this historic legislation was prodded into being by the often under-appreciated (and underestimated) Speaker.

delurk said...

Nancy Pelosi does rock!

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Khakjaan Wessington said...

The Hippies Have it Made: The Squares Obtain New Trades [Today's News Poem, March 27, 2010]
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“Tea Party groups like FreedomWorks recognize that they are benefiting from the labor of many people who have been hit hard economically. But its chairman, the former House majority leader Dick Armey, argued that their ranks will remain strong — and connected — even as members find work.”
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Anonymous said...

maybe don't smoke the shit before posting on a totally unrelated blog?

good example of why weed should stay for medicinal purposes only right there. wtf.

Anonymous said...

Nancy just showed the good old boys what leadership really looked like and they followed! It is hard not to follow the leader when it done with such style and a smile!

betseyb said...

Once again, your secret political side is showing....and I like it:) Great post on a great lady!

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Anonymous said...

Agree with you re Pelosi, but just wanted to clarify that she is behind Biden in the presidential succession line. I think that's what you meant by 'second in line to the President' but wanted to be clear (it's the lawyer in me).

betseyb said...

ANON above me-I did the same thing at first, but if you think about it, she's right:) Biden is first in succession, Pelosi is second.