Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tell me, who are hot?

I know it’s not particularly cool to say, but I love “CSI.” The we are the original, accept no substitute, high stakes or go home “CSI.” The we don’t need a stinking city behind our initials because what happens here stays here “CSI.” The we aren’t about making bad puns while taking off our sunglasses or tinting everything in NYPD’s blue “CSI.” You know – Vegas, baby. It’s just solid TV. Is it groundbreaking? Not especially. But week after week it is well done, infrequently gimmicky and beautifully produced. Tell me some of the scenes, especially in the last few Grissom seasons, did not feel cinematic in scope.

What I have always particularly liked about crime show and procedurals is that the women in them are not superfluous. They work just as hard and are taken just as seriously as the men. And that’s important. They also aren’t constrained as tightly by the shackles of glamour. Are they glamorous and attractive? Duh, they’re actors. But they don’t need to show up in evening gowns or leather hot pants or six-inch heels. They can just show up and be competent. (Well, except when doing magazine photoshoots, but one victory at a time, people.) Which, in turn, leads me to the two founding females of CSI: Marg Helgenberger and Jorja Fox.

While there may not have been a lot of warmth between their characters when the show premiered 10 years ago, what has developed is an organic affection and genuine respect. Like something you might find at an actual workplace between colleagues who have known each other for a decade. And, in the naughty recesses of my brain, I like to think that it’s Sara and Catherine, not Sara and Grissom, that indulge in after-hours extracurriculars together. Now, I’m no GSR hater. I don’t necessarily want to watch them together in silk robes, but I’m happy their characters seem to have found a happily ever after – and even made it official. But, come on, look at the opportunity the producers are missing here. [Click any and all the enlarge.]

But now with Sara’s return for several episodes this season, they have can finally make amends. And the ladies are even teasing us about it via their new TV Guide cover story:

Would Catherine ever kiss Sara?
Jorja: We did today! At the TV Guide Magazine photo shoot.

Of course, the show already missed an equally golden opportunity when Det. Sofia Curtis (Louise Lombard, a.k.a. The Best-Strutting Butch With a Button-Down and a Badge Possibly Ever) mysteriously left the show. I mean, ohmygodhowfuckinghotaretheytogether?

And while I had hoped for some sort of Sara Sidle/Soup Chef chemistry this year, Lauren Lee Smith’s character Riley is gone before the season premieres tonight. Riley wasn’t my favorite anyway, not because of Lauren but because her character wasn’t given much to work with. So tonight, I’m going to celebrate the return of Sara, if only for a little while, to my favorite crime procedural. Plus, there has always been an unspoken agreement in the community that Jorja is one of ours.

So welcome back to my TV, homegirl. We’ve missed that gap-tooth grin. Now go get the bad guys.


brightClik5 said...

i love Jorja Fox, and am also very happy to see her at least make an appearance on my favorite CSI. i do agree though, they really missed the boat with Sara Sidle and Sofia Curtis. Hot, hot, hot.

RHEA said...

This post makes my hangover that much more bearable :)

;) babs said...

hooray! sara is back!

but sofia was my absolute favorite, she had the uniform, the sunglasses, and the swagger...!

;) babs

Jane said...

Seriously - this is going to get me through my Thursday.

Big Shamu said...

She did play gay on ER.

WannabeVirginia W. said...

I miss Sara, her complexity. I have not been watching CSI since Sara and Grissom left. I am not to keen on Lawrence Fishburne's character. I think I might watch it tonight because Sara is back for the time being. I like Marg Helgenberger since she seems real and untouched by plastics. I like Sara's complexity. They are bot hot in their own way.

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of Jorja's great legs. Thanks for all of your posts.

Anonymous said...

It isn't it cool to say you love CSI?
That show is the best. Surely it can't be uncool just because the 20 somethings think so. I mean what do you guys know anyway? OUCH.

elliB said...

She also played gay in Ellen's coming out episode. Oh, I'm going to go watch that now... :D

Anonymous said...

F.y.i.-- the brunette in the blue dress in the first screenshot of Sara & Sofia on this page is Jorja's partner of a few years, Lelah Foster.

Lelah worked as Jorja's stand-in and appeared in the episode "Weeping Willows" and in a few more CSI eps as a background extra. The pic with her in the blue dress is from the episode, "Poppin' Tags".

Lelah is currently working as a pet photographer, and recently shot pics of Jorja for a fashion blog.

Anonymous said...

wow, they are gorgeous!breathless at photo of them in black…they are hot!I am So enjoying your blog!

Anonymous said...

Don't tell her I wrote this,

Jorja Fox looks like Dinner to me.