Friday, September 18, 2009

My Weekend Crush

Growing up Princess Leia was, of course, my heroine. And by heroine, I mean lady hero. I didn’t want to inject her and listen to jazz. So Carrie Fisher was, of course, also one of my heroines. The thing about Princess Leia is that even though we first met her she seemed to be the classic damsel in distress, she was always so much more. She was a leader and a fighter who never once stopped herself from speaking her mind. And all of that came from the inherent spunk and sass of Carrie. She gave as good as she got. As a little girl that was tremendously encouraging. Strength, determination, humor, smarts – these were the things I aspired to thanks to Carrie.

Yes, yes, there was the gold bikini. But, I say, if and when you’ve got it, flaunt the fuck out of it. Trust me, it made an indelible impression on my little mind, too. Over the years I’ve kept up casually with Carrie’s career. Sure, she never replicated her “Star Wars” success. But cut the woman some slack; that was and continues to be one of the biggest movie franchises of all time. So, pretty much no one has replicated that level of success – ever. She has gone on to be a bestselling author and now has a one-woman show about to open on Broadway. Through it all she has continued to give her unvarnished, unapologetic assessment of everything from her own life to the world at large.

Which brings me to her blog post this week. You see, someone somewhere on the vast and faceless internet posted something rude about how she looks now. And Carrie happened to read it and – being only human – it hurt her feeling. Then she thought about her audacity to have grown older, had a life, eaten food and – God forbid – gained weight in the almost 30 years that have passed since the gold bikini. And she decided to send a very simple message to her nameless, classless assailant: “BLOW MY BIG BOVINE tiny dancer COCK!” And that, right there, is why Carrie Fisher will always be my heroine. Happy weekend, all.


Anonymous said...

i guess she feels bad cus of not
the comments, maybe comment, but
what i thought,

l mean when i face something from somewhere somewhat, negative in a way, there is guessing work.

probably it belongs someone,
you know, cat might be type but
generally it's human behind all
the activity.

so that's might be one reason,
i mean on the earth, sharing
same air but there is a creature
who's doing this.

then maybe. surely be human and
so my point is that,
less respect is better. it's not possible everyone is nice. also
boring, don't you think?

Becky said...

hahahah classic Carrie. I love her more now...

Meaghan said...

Oh this ties with Julie Andrews as my very favorite weekend crush!
I JUST finished CF's book last night! And subsequently decided I wanted to marry her.

tara7 said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, you just made my day! I'm 41, and I've been struggling to 'come out' for the past couple of years, and I just keep thinking it should have been incredibly obvious to anyone (including myself...but it wouldn't be for many more years, and a failed marriage, later) who saw all the Carrie Fisher pictures on my teenage bedroom walls that I was more than just leaning toward being a big 'ol dyke when I grew up! LOL! Matter of fact, I had a picture very much like this one..... it's from Empire Strikes Back, correct? Mmmmm, my favorite! Leah falling for someone she shouldn't, and doesn't want to.... Yep, I could relate, even then!

Anonymous said...

I f'ing love her soooo much. She was my first crush at the age of 8 years old. I thought I had a crush on Han Solo after that, but eventually I realized I just wanted to BE him-- cool ride, awesome BFF and he got the girl.

Saw Carrie's show when it was in LA. She is so hilarious. AND she does the entire hologram speech! :D This lapsed Star Wars geek fell in love all over again.

Rituximab said...

Apropos of nothing - she also has bipolar disorder. The drugs that are necessary to control that are without doubt the most effective at inducing long term weight gain EVER invented.

I loooovvvvvveeeee this woman - more so now than ever.

Josephine said...

I've loved her since I can remember. When I was 5, I made my mom give me the Princess Leia hairstyle to attend a wedding. When I was a teenager, I read her books, which are hilarious. Anyone who hasn't seen Postcards from the Edge, see it! It's so funny, and proves conclusively that Carrie Fisher is a genius!

alice said...


I *loved* her post when a friend pointed me towards it, and I keep trying to find situations where 'SUCK MY tiny dancer COCK!' would be approproate. Kind of glad that life's not handing me too many of those situations, but it's too good a line to let languish.

A hearty seconding of your crush, Ms. Snarker.

elliB said...

I loved her little part in Soapdish:
"An actress! Really!? How nice for you. I'm Betsy Faye Sharon and I'm a bitch! Now get out of here"

MakingSpace said...

Funny, I never had a crush on her, though I understand the inclination... but I've always loved her complete in-your-face honesty. I absolutely adore her no-holds-barred take on life. I'm so glad she's still enjoying a career she loves and still giving hell. Go Carrie!

madmags said...

Snarks, your taste in women is simply first rate. Carrie rocks!! Always has and is improving with age. Hell, we all are.

Anonymous said...

Carrie Fisher and Sigourney Weaver were my favorite two scifi goddesses when I was growing up.

I still love them both. They are sexy, but in a smart and tough way.

Thanks for writing this post. I hope Carrie reads it.