Friday, September 11, 2009

My Weekend Crush

Drew Barrymore is that rarest of Hollywood creatures. She is not a Peter Pan (because heavens knows there are too many of those, Judd Apatow), but a Wendy instead. She grew up too quickly, then acted out trying to postpone adulthood, and eventually settled in a healthy maturity. I grew up with Drew, that adorable little moppet who helped E.T. phone home. She survived the early stardom, though it nearly destroyed her. Entering rehab at age 13 is a hell of a thing. But she came out the other end and not only survived but thrived. She took her image from cute kid to teenage sexpot to America’s sweetheart, which is no easy feat. Once you’re branded as a sex kitten, it generally sticks. For reference see Marilyn Monroe. But Drew came out of that David Letterman flasher, penciled-in eyebrows, month-long marriages period and transitioned into adorable again with “Never Been Kissed” and the rest. Today, she is what Kate Hudson wishes she was: Hollywood’s resident free spirit, go-to romantic and all-around likable gal.

Making her even more likable, of course, is her support of the gays. She has discussed her bisexuality before, which seems to come from a place of genuine openness and not crass exploitation. She has an irrepressible energy and an earnest silliness about her. And she is now thoroughly in control of her own destiny, preparing for the release of her directorial debut “Whip It.” Not that she can’t still break out the sexy. Like, say, her all-straddling, all-kissing, all-sexifying photoshoots with Ellen Page. Sure, it’s a clever publicity ploy. But what makes it great is that you can tell from the way Drew is pinning Ellen that she has done it before. Not necessarily with Ellen (though that’s how it plays out in my head), but before and in private – and for real. Happy weekend, all.


;) babs said...

thank you once again ms. snarker.

drew barrymore is by far one of the most underrated actresses!

;) babs

Anonymous said...

few days ago, i was thinking about
meaning of crash.
when people use it?
was this my question? yes.

you know, i mean to understand
like how much..something happened,
then it calls crash?

is it like spruce? or break something? or crying all night?

anyway, today,'s point is drew. was dru? somehow you get the sound.

i like her so much especially ET, and charlie's angel. i saw it on thea. of course with a friend!
im very happy to see her on TV ad,
you know easy b~? cover girl.

so, she kissed someone? but to me,
you know madonna does, britney does..etc. just think that..doesn't matter.

thanks for the post, i was kind of busy mood, so i think i missed right timming to comment,

but you know, one of great thing on internet is i can comment on 1997 post.

Vikki said...

Those pics of Ellen and Drew did not feel like exploitation. They both know they have a lot of queer followers. I felt like it was a hat tip to us. Love Drew. Love Drew and Ellen kissing even more.

elliB said...

I had an amazing dream about Drew Barrymore last night and I would just like to thank all these Whip It promo shots I've been staring at for days for making that possible.... :D

linster said...

Well, crap, DS. Just as I had stopped thinking about those Drew/Ellen pictures for 30 seconds, you drew me back in.

Anonymous said...

Drew Barrymore is a rare talent, the likes of which we haven't seen in quite a number of years. Case in point: "Grey Gardens" as Little Edie. If you'd like to see acting, great acting, then do it right: watch the 1970's documentary "Grey Gardens" then watch the recent HBO movie of the same name. You'll be stunned at Ms. Barrymore's portrayal of Little Edie. Jessica Lange wasn't to shabby as Big Edie, either.

Natalie said...


Me too!

Anonymous said...

When I saw Poison Ivy, I became a big Drew fan. Whew.....

betseyb said...

"But what makes it great is that you can tell from the way Drew is pinning Ellen that she has done it before."

Totally! Drew Barrymore has always been a celebrity crush of mine:) So, thanks!

MakingSpace said...

I must admit to a bit of a heart attack at first - I was an older teen when ET came out - but I see your point. She is an adult and she makes great choices in movies and life. Love the pics and especially the kiss with Ellen Page. Lots of sweetness that makes it clear it ain't just for publicity.

Josephine said...

Not to be a downer, but did everyone else miss the part where Drew told Barbara Walters that she wasn't bisexual anymore? I still like Drew fine, but I'm just pointing out that she disavowed her bisexuality years ago.

Malika said...

I was on the phone with a friend when I cliked to see your blog. and my friend on the phone can attest that my first word when I saw the article was "Whaaa" and then that I said "Oh my God, Apparently that's how I react When I see Drew"
"Pure love her" I'd my add.
Thanks for your articles they always brighten my days !